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  • 16 mar 2020

  • Here are some moments in sports when athletes lose their cool! Like and sub! :D - football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and more! - In this video we commentate/report about some clutch moments that happened during sports, we also add edits in the clips to make it more entertaining! - Thanks Elliot for helping with the voice over!. - For copyright issues: cubehubbusiness01@gmail.com "While YouTube can’t decide what is fair use or mediate copyright disputes, that doesn’t mean fair use can’t exist on YouTube"


  • Jurciii
    Jurciii 3 mesi fa

    This guy sounds like he's never watched a game of any sport in his life

  • Claus Ditlev Voldsgaard

    cool thing that Messi managed to shave his beard off in the middle of the game

  • Craig Shufelt
    Craig Shufelt 1 mese fa

    I did the math. Ronaldo being fined $5,000 is the equivalent of me being fined $14.

  • Azrail 001
    Azrail 001 4 settimane fa

    So Ramos did a "prank" on Messi, and he then headed back in time and dominated Real Madrid 10 years prior to that incident? Geez

  • TampaTec
    TampaTec 2 settimane fa


  • Skyzo 1.6
    Skyzo 1.6 3 mesi fa

    When describing the Ramos and Messi “prank”, he showed like 4 different clips from 4 different games from like a ten year range. If your going to try to explain football, please do basic research.

  • Keith Pucarelli
    Keith Pucarelli 2 mesi fa

    “Messi proceeded to dominate him in the game” but shows a different barcelona Milan game 🤣

    THE SEASON 3 settimane fa

    Dude just called Sergio Ramos “A Player”

  • Charles Murigu
    Charles Murigu 3 settimane fa

    "Deeder Drogba" ..."Reynaldo" ...this clip is so horrendous it's funny 😂

  • Mexican Ginger
    Mexican Ginger 1 mese fa

    “Shaq in a fight with Charles Barkley,” then shows a clip of him fighting miller and not even the right team 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Grace 4 u
    Grace 4 u 1 giorno fa

    Why don't you show something on cricket. There are tons times when players lost their cool.

  • John Neino
    John Neino 1 giorno fa

    Conor didn't punch him he threw the shot of whiskey he was offering on him.

  • Hidden
    Hidden 2 giorni fa

    Ok let's go back to funny moments.

  • Tony O
    Tony O 3 settimane fa

    Charles and Shaq got into a fight, but he showed Miller and Shaq, because Charles never played for the Bulls.

  • lieutenant 11
    lieutenant 11 4 mesi fa

    This guy's lack of knowledge for all the sports he is talking about is so annoying

  • Ur Mum
    Ur Mum 3 settimane fa

    Damn, Messi was so annoyed that he invented time travel just to beat Ramos in a game that he wasn’t even playing in, and his hair quintupled in length during the journey.

  • Reese Wilburn
    Reese Wilburn 2 settimane fa

    Man said “a baseball player” talking about David Ortiz

  • Sam Śv5
    Sam Śv5 3 settimane fa

    The girl with pole is all that matters. The rest is BS

  • Gerardo
    Gerardo 1 settimana fa


  • CgGoil
    CgGoil 4 mesi fa

    “A player.” That was Sergio Ramos. There are other players in the world, than Messi and Ronaldo.