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  • 21 apr 2019

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  • Wisteria
    Wisteria 5 mesi fa (modificato)

    Edit: 2K LIKES??? All these comments are so supportive thanks so much 🥰

  • Lilleah Bailey
    Lilleah Bailey 2 giorni fa

    Listing to this doing my homework and on my breaks

  • Enhakkore Nuumaalii
    Enhakkore Nuumaalii 3 settimane fa

    Me Listening to this while doing my homework and also about to break my pens from drumming all these songs!

  • Chea Phengpanha
    Chea Phengpanha 3 giorni fa

    Bro don’t tell me I’m the only one who is listening to these songs while sleeping

  • Riley Clark
    Riley Clark 1 giorno fa (modificato)

    did anyone reliz that maps is someone esle sing it EDIT: like if yes

  • Roshhni Paatel
    Roshhni Paatel 5 mesi fa

    If you listening in 2020 as while doing your homework like if you did same thing as me 👍

  • Cycling Motivation
    Cycling Motivation 2 settimane fa

    19 adverstings ....

  • Destine Compassi
    Destine Compassi 2 settimane fa

    listening while cleaning and homework

  • _Galaxy_gacha_X
    _Galaxy_gacha_X 1 settimana fa (modificato)

    if u wanna skip certain sons heres the time staps for the end of them

  • HillbillyCampingGear
    HillbillyCampingGear 1 settimana fa

    I have bean listing to this when I clean my room soo good

  • carice mendez
    carice mendez 5 mesi fa (modificato)

    Anyone else is listening to this in quarantine.

    RED MIST 3 giorni fa

    I not doing homeworks😅. I just little bit tiret from all that sh*t what youtube autoswicht play, that why play top 40 on tv while doing something (like home works🤣🤣 not from scool🤟😅)

  • ManedWolf
    ManedWolf 2 settimane fa

    This is nice to listen to when doing homework ☺️

  • Hat Schi
    Hat Schi 2 giorni fa

    Spricht jemand hier in den Kommentaren deutsch

  • Nandhini Shankar
    Nandhini Shankar 2 settimane fa

    who else is doing this while doing homework?

  • Blink
    Blink 3 giorni fa

    Who else is just reading all the comments and just seeing who else is doing there homework

  • maisy bromige
    maisy bromige 4 mesi fa (modificato)

    like if im not the only one lisening whilst doing home schooling. Lol :(

  • xxmelissa xxlamb
    xxmelissa xxlamb 4 mesi fa

    this album is really good to listen too

  • Tristan Raimann
    Tristan Raimann 2 settimane fa

    litening to tis doing my homework!

  • Aadhya
    Aadhya 6 mesi fa

    who was here as a part of self isolation and quarantine?