Tee Grizzley - I Spy [Official Video] Scarica

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  • 30 apr 2020

  • The official video for Tee Grizzley's "I Spy" - Out Now! Stream "I Spy" on all platforms: https://teegrizzley.ffm.to/ispy Subscribe to Tee Grizzley's Channel: http://flyt.it/SubscribeTee Follow Tee: https://teegrizzleymusic.com https://twitter.com/Tee_Grizzley https://www.facebook.com/teegrizzley1 https://www.instagram.com/tee_grizzley https://soundcloud.com/tee-grizzley https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/te... https://open.spotify.com/artist/6AUl0... #TeeGrizzley #GrizzleyGang #ISpy #OfficialVideo ℗ 2020 Grizzley Gang Music under exclusive distribution by 300 Entertainment


  • Tee Grizzley
    Tee Grizzley 5 mesi fa

    "I SPY" OUT NOW! 🔥👀

  • O n e U p
    O n e U p 5 mesi fa

    Only people who watched this before one million can like

  • Levi Nobles
    Levi Nobles 5 mesi fa

    The acting at the beginning had me dead

  • Hoon Roberts
    Hoon Roberts 5 mesi fa

    Tee grizz is so underrated give him the respect he needs

  • Lucid
    Lucid 5 mesi fa (modificato)

    Tee grizzley never disappoints me with his music🙌🏽

  • toilet bowl water
    toilet bowl water 5 mesi fa

    Please please, I pray this doesn't become a TikTok song

  • Anthony Nero
    Anthony Nero 5 mesi fa

    This is how many bangers Tee Grizzley got

  • Bryce Oberg
    Bryce Oberg 5 mesi fa

    When this still hasn't hit a mil and dababy's new single got 4 mil and isn't even half as good as this track

  • zykeveyin malone
    zykeveyin malone 5 mesi fa

    Remember when people used to Actually give Commentary instead of Begging for likes?

  • Tyler Kamlet
    Tyler Kamlet 5 mesi fa

    claim your "before tiktok ruins this song" pass here

  • Isaac & Andrea
    Isaac & Andrea 5 mesi fa

    This how many people listened to gee grizzley today

  • Jack Walsh
    Jack Walsh 5 mesi fa

    Song title: "I Spy"

  • Justin harry
    Justin harry 5 mesi fa

    Tee Grizzley is definitely big in the game. But I feel like a lot of people sleep on him. Hes for sure top 3 lyricist out there

  • Joseph Montoni
    Joseph Montoni 5 mesi fa

    No matter what beat Grizzly is on, he slaughters it. Melody, hard rap, he can do it all, Grizzly all flames 💯🔥

  • rah leigh
    rah leigh 5 mesi fa

    "Drop my first one years ago it ain't stop streaming".....no cap....after this back to First Day Out😂😂😂😂

  • GTE Lil Zo
    GTE Lil Zo 5 mesi fa

    “They gon think I’m beating you up lil baby stop screaming “😂😂

  • Hamdaan Bhat
    Hamdaan Bhat 5 mesi fa

    The acting of those two children was so convincing 🤣

  • Billasteffzz
    Billasteffzz 5 mesi fa

    I miss hearing "Helluva made this beat baby" in the intro😭

  • Aries Johnson
    Aries Johnson 5 mesi fa

    Everybody ignoring the fact he flipped the whip mid video 😭😭

  • slippery snake
    slippery snake 5 mesi fa

    thought he said 'I spy something brown"