Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics (Looped and Extended) Scarica

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  • 11 mar 2017

  • ESPAÑOL: "Sweet Dreams" es el primer sencillo del álbum "Sweet Dreams", del grupo británico "Eurythmics". La canción fue compuesta por Annie Lennox y David A. Stewart. RENUNCIA: No soy dueño de los derechos de las canciones subidas - Todos los derechos van a su respectivo(s) creador(es), en este caso, a Eurythmics y el sello discográfico RCA Records. Este video está destinado para fines de entretenimiento y promoción. Si realmente quieren adquirir esta canción o su discografía completa, la pueden comprar en tiendas de discos o en tiendas electrónicas de música. ENGLISH: "Sweet Dreams" is the second single from the album "Sweet Dreams", from the british band "Eurythmics". The song are composed by Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart. DISCLAIMER: I do not claim any rights of the uploaded songs - All rights go to their respective creator(s), in this case, to Eurythmics and the record label RCA Records. This video is intended for entertainment and promotional purposes only. If you really want to buy this song or their complete discography, you can buy it in record stores or electronic music stores.


  • ChillYourMind
    ChillYourMind 2 mesi fa

    The greatest ever.

  • Christian Roy
    Christian Roy 1 settimana fa (modificato)

    "I'm about to mount this here beauty!"

    VANESSA LÓPEZ 1 giorno fa

    La cancion más larga... pero transmite algo unico que ni cuenta te das que lleva mas de 5 minutos reproducida.

  • fdsfsdfsdfsfs
    fdsfsdfsdfsfs 2 settimane fa

    This "looped extended" version is responsible for getting this song stuck in my head for days. Not the first time i was listening to music while playing a game and didn't realize this was going for over 15 minutes.

  • No Sleep
    No Sleep 5 mesi fa

    Why do i hear boss music

  • Lucas Langoni
    Lucas Langoni 1 settimana fa

    I only realized it was a looping after 12 minutes

  • Marc Vanessa
    Marc Vanessa 4 mesi fa

    and mere of all medecines here

  • shine woman
    shine woman 6 mesi fa

    still listening.......

  • bsc nyc
    bsc nyc 4 mesi fa

    who am I to disagree...

  • HDT Vienne
    HDT Vienne 5 mesi fa

    The wild 80's

  • Katia Luján
    Katia Luján 5 mesi fa (modificato)

    Sweet dreams are made of this

  • thedreamerdelta
    thedreamerdelta 4 mesi fa

    "The third time, you're thinking, '*maybe* someone's playing Sweet Dreams again'; The fourth time, you're like, 'waitwaitwait, somebody just played Sweet Dreams /Four Times in a row/, or at least, they played it *twice*, and it's just a /really long song/.'"

  • Patricia Romero
    Patricia Romero 5 mesi fa

    maravillosa!!! única mortal 💃❤

  • Rongorongo Mu
    Rongorongo Mu 1 mese fa

    Did anyone notice that the lyrics of the song are "movin' on, movin' on," and the music video has lots of cows?

  • Caarlo Med
    Caarlo Med 5 mesi fa

    Me bañe y me cambié con la misma canción, hasta que me di cuenta que ya había durado mucho jaja 😂

  • Allynna McCleod
    Allynna McCleod 5 mesi fa

    16 minutes? M'kay...

  • i ChOoOse
    i ChOoOse 2 mesi fa

    Les comparto este video ya que está Sweet Dreams Subtitulada Español / Inglés y en lo personal este tipo de videos musicales con video y subtítulos me encantan para mejorar mi inglés

  • jaslinc
    jaslinc 4 mesi fa

    it's a Loop ... like= disco

  • CNU BAD25
    CNU BAD25 3 mesi fa

    Me creo Quicksilver escuchando este rolon jajaja❤

  • Rue
    Rue 1 giorno fa

    did quicksilver just passed through?