Surprising My Grandparents Transforming Their Old House to New!! Scarica

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  • 13 set 2019

  • ENJOY this hour long house renovation extravaganza surprise !!! New videos Friday & most Sunday's! :D Instagram: @miamaples Snapchat: @miamaples Twitter: @miamapless


  • Lily Aubrey
    Lily Aubrey 11 mesi fa

    Instead of calling her grandma bling you should call her “glam-ma” 😂

  • Abigail Alexan
    Abigail Alexan 1 mese fa

    Her parents especially her mum smiling everytime is so precious 💕

  • Yulia
    Yulia 3 settimane fa

    Hope your grandparents didn't hide their savings in the old couch 😂😂

  • Jeanine Ontiveros
    Jeanine Ontiveros 2 settimane fa

    when her grandma said i'm not worth is i stared to cry.

  • Jani Ra
    Jani Ra 2 settimane fa

    This was honestly really sweet, but if i went through my grandmas clothes and jewlery she would get pissed

  • Catt's Mahal
    Catt's Mahal 1 anno fa (modificato)

    When you raise a child right, this is what you get. 🥰 A thoughtful, loving, and compassionate adult! Good job mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa! 🥰

  • Aira Amosin
    Aira Amosin 1 mese fa

    Okay, so this was on my recommendation list and at first I was like “That’s a long video.” but I was interested with the thumbnail. But can I say that I never thought of crying but when her grandparents came home and was already crying because their family is there to welcome them back home from a vacation (and because they usually don’t see each other since they live far away from each other) and not seeing the house yet made me cry so much 😅🥺❤️

  • J. Dog
    J. Dog 3 settimane fa

    One of the biggest angles that you have captured is “normal”. The typical HGTV shows these days are ridiculous. They are too high end for the average Joe. You took practical, added a generous cup of talent, a couple of Tablespoons of down to earth, and folded in a large amount of unconditional love.

  • S H
    S H 2 settimane fa

    Who are these stupid people who disliked the video??? This is the type of content we need on youtube. This was so beautiful. Bless you guys..

  • Blackgirl 574321
    Blackgirl 574321 1 mese fa

    PRICELESS,. love when grandma said she got to fix her hair. A DIVA knows when the camera is rolling.

  • It'sLaraBeth
    It'sLaraBeth 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Other YouTubers: scandals, spending their money on expensive cars and clothes

  • Dexter Infimate
    Dexter Infimate 1 mese fa

    "Your existence is enough" had me in tears 😭

  • Sami hatfield
    Sami hatfield 2 settimane fa

    The Maples family are literally the sweetest, most wholesome little family in the entire world! I love them all so much 3

  • Kayleigh Stevenson
    Kayleigh Stevenson 4 settimane fa

    This makes me miss my grandparents 😣. They're all gone now (passed away when I was young). I wish I could have done something like this for my grandma.

  • Raven DG
    Raven DG 1 settimana fa

    Other YouTubers: scandals, spending their money on expensive cars and clothes

  • Casio on a plastic beach

    Your mom is an angel sent down to earth. I’ve never seen someone so happy and bubbly. I want what she’s having.

  • rosebud sue
    rosebud sue 2 settimane fa

    "Rent a grandchild!" You are so sweet and have put your wonderful talent to such beautiful use. As we get older, we still dream of decorating, cleaning our homes, changing things, but our energy fails us. Even moving a sofa, or picking up a FedEx pkg is a difficult problem.

  • Lynne Gulbrand
    Lynne Gulbrand 1 mese fa

    What a beautiful family you have. Your grandparents are so lucky to have you all in their lives. I wish my 2 kids and 6 grandkids were like you. I do get love from my daughter and her 4 absolutely awesome sons. My son and 2 granddaughters, well I haven't seen them or heard from them in over 5 years even though they live within 20 miles of me. It breaks my heart but I do love them so much. My daughter and her family give me more love than ever. You are lucky to have such a close family. I am going to subscribe to your channel now. God bless you all.

  • Morgan Banwell
    Morgan Banwell 3 giorni fa

    Holy sh*t. Anyone else just start bawling their eyes out about her kitty!??! Horrific!!! Rest In Peace, little one!💕

  • Emou Walsh
    Emou Walsh 2 settimane fa

    I was literally crying joy all the reveal long. Your grandparents are so sweet and loving. They were so happy.