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  • 28 nov 2019

  • When there’s a problem, who do you want to help you?! Super friends and superheroes, of course! It’s friends to the rescue! Talking Tom Heroes are here to save the day. Whether there’s a fire-breathing magic dinosaur or a lost toy, your favorite crew of mini superheroes will jump into action to help. It’s friendship for the win! Join the team on their adventures in this amazing six-episode compilation. Or watch as they make the world a better place episode by episode. The choice is yours! But always remember – friendship is a superpower! 🚣 Boat Race Sabotage (Talking Tom Heroes, Episode 11): https://youtu.be/TDc_YcxDjDU 🦖 Fire-Breathing Magic Dinosaur (Talking Tom Heroes, Episode 1): https://youtu.be/CsH595NUcCQ 📸 Celebrity Trap (Talking Tom Heroes, Episode 6): https://youtu.be/a5vFS8xcPCQ 🐦 The Lost Drone (Talking Tom and Friends Minis, Episode 23): https://youtu.be/LwLIOnem9Vo ☕ Part Time Job (Talking Tom and Friends Minis, Episode 6): https://youtu.be/R-loarUk51c 🤒 Tom’s Sick Day (Talking Tom and Friends Minis, Episode 9): https://youtu.be/wlbXbmYya1w Are you ready to help Talking Tom and Friends on their mission to save the world in their brand new animated series, Talking Tom Heroes!? Subscribe to their channel and don’t miss a minute of the adventure! Talking Tom Heroes are here to save the day! It’s friends to the rescue! For more action-packed Talking Tom and Friends fun: 🔹Watch our animated series and join the friendship: https://www.youtube.com/TalkingFriends 🔹Laugh along with the Shorts on Talking Tom’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/TalkingTom Talking Tom Heroes is also known as: 汤姆猫英雄小队, Konuşan Tom: Kahramanlar, Говорящий Том: Герои, 토킹톰 히어로즈, トーキング・トム ヒーローズ #TalkingTomHeroes #Cartoon #Compilation