Slow Blues/ Blues Ballads - A two hour long compilation Scarica

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  • 8 giu 2019

  • All songs (and many more) can be found on my Blues Spotify playlist: Also feel free to check out my main channel:


  • 2HMC Archive
    2HMC Archive 2 mesi fa

    All songs (and many more) can be found on my Blues Spotify playlist:

  • Anderson Lima
    Anderson Lima 1 mese fa


  • Ronnie Diniz
    Ronnie Diniz 3 mesi fa

    Maravilha. Ótima coletânea.

  • Yoshie Ewing
    Yoshie Ewing 2 mesi fa

    the mists of time is stunning. raises every goose bump on my body and seats me next to our creator and love. its truly breathtaking and beautiful. thank you for sharing with us all. thank you. good work.

  • Matteo 70
    Matteo 70 3 mesi fa

    I don't know how to explain in english but as the first few seconds, partiamo col botto! (kind say "we start with dinamyte blast").

  • LoloGam
    LoloGam 5 mesi fa

    Ptmre!!! de lo mejor!

  • alberto Bertoa
    alberto Bertoa 5 mesi fa

    excelente compilación , todos los temas muy buenos¡¡¡¡

  • Шамсуддин М

    Пока ни одного комментария, будьте первым!

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 5 mesi fa


  • lobster whisperer
    lobster whisperer 28 minuti fa

    Can you make a version, minus the vocals which ruin music.

  • Floriana Glebova
    Floriana Glebova 6 mesi fa

    I love it!

  • Prof Saitra shaktmandu

    Oy my... its sweet and devine. Txks

  • eduard gevorgyan
    eduard gevorgyan 6 mesi fa

    2HMC Archive COOOOOOOOOL )))

  • Felix Mendieta Grandon

    Muy bueno,son de mi preferencia y tengo el gusto de escucharlo cuando asi lo deseo.felicidades

  • Toma Yashyna
    Toma Yashyna 7 mesi fa

    Благодарю за Прекрасную Музыку!!!

  • rodrigo silva de carvalho

    Excelente só musicas maravilhosas !!!!!!

  • Dary Necton
    Dary Necton 4 mesi fa

    Excelente! La opetura con Jim Mayall...mágica!!!

    JDGATOR81 3 mesi fa

    Sayce is the best on here and I never heard of him. Thank You Thomas Smith!

  • Jose Dario Frota Filho

    Thank you very much for the marvellous playlist. Awesome !

  • Francisco Santana
    Francisco Santana 6 mesi fa

    Só coisa boa! Escutar os velhos transeiros do blues e' bom demais