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  • 10 mag 2020

  • Play here: Today I play the latest Piggy inspired Roblox game: Kitty! These games are super fun I’ll be mixing in more stuff with these kinds of videos this week it won’t all be piggy games don’t worry!


  • Jan Cudia
    Jan Cudia 4 mesi fa

    2018: Simulator games

  • Pepppa hesedahl
    Pepppa hesedahl 4 mesi fa (modificato)


  • Yusuf 5472
    Yusuf 5472 4 mesi fa

    I love Tom and Jerry I was grown up watching the show

  • { Cream Pvff }
    { Cream Pvff } 4 mesi fa (modificato)

    No one’s talking about the fact

  • WolfyChen oof
    WolfyChen oof 4 mesi fa

    “I think the mice died, so now I don’t have to save anybody.”

  • denisfd gamer
    denisfd gamer 4 mesi fa


  • Claustr0 TV
    Claustr0 TV 4 mesi fa

    I just love to imagine that everytime Albert is screaming, these sounds come out of the mouse's mouth

  • Isabelle Animations ._.

    Did you know Tom doesn’t want to kill Jerry, Tom is friends with Jerry. Tom has to act mean to Jerry so the owner thinks they aren’t friends, and if the owner sees that they are friends, The owner is gonna replace Tom with another cat that wants to really kill him..

  • Gaming with Cookie Cookie

    Albert talking to kitty after they fall in: “ha your TRASH at this”- him almost dying from kitty:

  • big chonkey
    big chonkey 4 mesi fa

    Hey albert sponge just added a "cleetus skin" in the game! Like so albert can see!

  • XFox Gamergirlx
    XFox Gamergirlx 3 mesi fa


  • mkybnsss
    mkybnsss 3 mesi fa


  • Charli Playz
    Charli Playz 1 giorno fa (modificato)


  • Coltons Corner
    Coltons Corner 4 mesi fa


  • Hello I'm Me
    Hello I'm Me 4 mesi fa

    “New piggy remake”

  • ·K·a·t·i·e·
    ·K·a·t·i·e· 1 mese fa

    No one:

  • Mineblox Sara
    Mineblox Sara 4 mesi fa (modificato)

    Flamingo: “I dont even know where that lock pick is”

  • Angela Knox
    Angela Knox 4 mesi fa

    Me: Falmingo isnt aware he has partners to help them with the keys

  • Oreo Gacha
    Oreo Gacha 4 mesi fa

    Albert: we got out of there safe and sound

  • Halo_E
    Halo_E 4 mesi fa

    Idea for a new video: Go to Island Life and kidnap a random child. Get the parents and a random player sword fight for the child. If the parent wins they get the child. If they lose you nuke the server. Like for Albert to see!