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  • 7 mag 2020

  • PLAY HERE: follow my ig!!! Today I play Attack on Albert, a new Roblox story game made by "Trash Games!" Thanks idkhowtocode and NeverTrustBob


  • Flamingo
    Flamingo 4 mesi fa


  • Gloria Nightson
    Gloria Nightson 4 mesi fa

    Albert: does not talk about not posting for 2 days

  • Can I get 50k subs with videos?

    Who’s a better troller

  • Just Chichi
    Just Chichi 3 settimane fa

    albert: there's this show i watch called attack on titan

  • Dark green From amgous

    10 years later: Albert turns nice and plays roblox with his kids

  • AAnimated
    AAnimated 3 giorni fa

    StEvE hArVeY iS tHaT yOu?!

  • KJ
    KJ 4 mesi fa

    McChillington is the coolest character ever

  • Princess Judith Gueco
    Princess Judith Gueco 2 settimane fa

    When my sister searched attack on titan: Last breath. She found this game too ;-;

  • XxGachaRobloxXx
    XxGachaRobloxXx 1 settimana fa

    “I hate alberts videos”

  • Z Pettus
    Z Pettus 1 settimana fa

    Albert wasn’t smart in the first place he didn’t have to delete any brain cells

  • James s
    James s 1 settimana fa

    “Oh they have hot babes as guards?” XD

  • Halo_E
    Halo_E 4 mesi fa

    Idea for a new video: Go to Island Life and kidnap a random child. Get the parents and a random player sword fight for the child. If the parent wins they get the child. If they lose you nuke the server. Like for Albert to see!

  • Nicole
    Nicole 1 settimana fa

    There’s like a ride in Japan or something I don’t remember when, but it has an attack on titan ride and it’s really cool

  • {LS} Cosmos
    {LS} Cosmos 3 settimane fa

    I would like a “alberts bizzare adventure” as a jojo fan and a Albert fan.

  • Aurora and Pug-a-saurus
    Aurora and Pug-a-saurus 1 settimana fa

    It’s been four months and you didn’t get copyrighted yay

  • rill kaleigh
    rill kaleigh 2 settimane fa

    Alternate reality: Albert forgot he was recording and rewatched season one of AoT.

  • jack kerner
    jack kerner 4 mesi fa

    Albert: “I watch this anime called Attack On Titan-“

  • Leah Saez
    Leah Saez 2 giorni fa


  • Amanda Butler
    Amanda Butler 2 giorni fa

    albert: go,s to type all go frist* me: puases vid* reads stuff he said* Feels bad bc albert spredds hate to himself

  • legendary godzilla
    legendary godzilla 2 settimane fa

    I already watch attack on titan THE FRIKING COLASOL TITAN IS 60 METERS