Rappers React To 6IX9INE - GOOBA & Instagram Live (Drake, Snoop Dogg, Meek Mill) Scarica

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  • 11 mag 2020

  • Ever since 6ix9ine was released from jail, we had all been waiting and anticipating for the “King of New York” to drop some new music. 6ix9ine would let his fans and everyone else know that he was going to go live on Instagram the same day everything dropped and he didn’t disappoint with GOOBA as many rappers reacted to this all unfold... #6ix9ine #Tekashi #MeekMill If you enjoyed this video, watch more here: https://youtu.be/iZgpulippxY SUBSCRIBE & CLICK THE BELL! Background Music: https://www.youtube.com/user/jethaleb...


  • Blancowrldd Music
    Blancowrldd Music 4 mesi fa

    Now drake knows damn well he wouldn’t do 50 years in jail lol

  • camfoster18 theEaglesfan

    We all know Drake would rat before the cuffs touched his wrist, right?😒

  • Dominique
    Dominique 4 mesi fa

    They put him on house arrest?

  • G Dubb
    G Dubb 4 mesi fa

    Judge: "Anything else?"

  • Luka Natmeladze
    Luka Natmeladze 4 mesi fa

    Lil Nas X is the GOAT LMAO "You Lookin Kinda Cute" looool

  • Jake Poll
    Jake Poll 4 mesi fa

    And just like that they all gave him more clout

  • Logan Milner
    Logan Milner 4 mesi fa

    the music industry has become a laughing stock because of these people

  • Triix
    Triix 4 mesi fa

    Drake a snitch🤣🤣 he just ain’t ever got the opportunity to do it

  • Kutarinkashi
    Kutarinkashi 4 mesi fa

    all these rappers talking like that, bro litt got ackstabbed by his own men, tf he supposed to do?

  • Carmen betts
    Carmen betts 4 mesi fa

    Judge: is that it

  • Xsara Grazy gamer
    Xsara Grazy gamer 4 mesi fa

    drake straight up never went to jail so he needs to chill

  • Faraz .J
    Faraz .J 4 mesi fa

    6ix9ine: I'm the king of the New York

  • Kalamogi NC
    Kalamogi NC 4 mesi fa

    Snoop shouldn't be talking about rats lol he's the OG rat

  • Sayain god
    Sayain god 4 mesi fa

    Their making his career better and giving him more clout

    GIVESNOF*CKS 4 mesi fa

    Mannnnnnn but why do Trippie Redd look like the Raggedy Anne/Annabelle doll tho🙈🙈🙈

  • gun jack
    gun jack 3 mesi fa

    Judge: Is that it??

  • Luzi Keller
    Luzi Keller 3 mesi fa

    JUDGE: "Anything else?"

    ERROL M 4 mesi fa

    Every body talking about this dude. Even his enemies

  • P00
    P00 4 mesi fa

    Tbh if someone betrayed me like that and expected me to stay loyal, I would snitch too. Ngl some of these people kinda need to shut tf up cause they are literally pressed over someone who’s currently doing better then them....

  • MHD
    MHD 4 mesi fa

    Judge:is that it