Offset - Came A Long Way (Audio) Scarica

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  • 28 feb 2019

  • Music video by Offset performing Came A Long Way (Audio). © 2019 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


  • TheVibes Munoz
    TheVibes Munoz 1 anno fa

    I've came a long way. Ima beat this cancer for sure.

  • PR
    PR 1 anno fa

    This song needs more attention !

  • Ghostface Beatz
    Ghostface Beatz 1 anno fa

    I can feel his pain in this song...this song will only make sense to you if you listen to offsets whole album its actually organized in such a genius way so that there are not back to back hyped songs or back to back sad songs. Man I love this man I get chills when I hear this song its my favorite song on this shows his pain and experiences he faced to get to the top... God Bless you if you read this :)

  • ๖ۣۜNαтнคи.

    Like If Metro is the best produccer

  • Marito Mesquita
    Marito Mesquita 1 anno fa

    love the fact that offset is only focusing on his history. not talking only bout money and hoes

  • Shockwave Records
    Shockwave Records 1 anno fa

    Offset never disappoint ✊

  • Kamar
    Kamar 1 anno fa

    Who think the migos came a long way

  • Dominic Mercado
    Dominic Mercado 1 anno fa

    This is how many adlibs offset has

  • OG Cookie Monster
    OG Cookie Monster 1 anno fa

    Offset is the best Migo.

  • Troll Truth
    Troll Truth 1 anno fa

    Like this album cause it ain't about cars money drugs and thots

  • MoustacheGaming
    MoustacheGaming 1 anno fa

    This is why Offset is the best of the Migos

  • Protect LUV
    Protect LUV 1 anno fa

    Best song on the album right here🔥🔥🔥

  • Pxrter
    Pxrter 1 anno fa

    His album has the most soul out of The Migos

  • Jérémy Juaire
    Jérémy Juaire 1 anno fa

    Offset for me has always been the best of migos!!And with this album it just confirmed what i say earlier !Btw fire offset Big respect🔥🔥 HARDWORKPAYOFF

  • tapsy smith
    tapsy smith 1 anno fa

    Metro and offset = heat

  • Jennifer A. Bosely
    Jennifer A. Bosely 1 anno fa

    Showed this to my cat.

  • Lorde Ella
    Lorde Ella 1 anno fa

    This the best i have heard from offset, cause his saying reality. If you agree drop a like

  • Ali Juma
    Ali Juma 1 anno fa

    I won’t let this fame or these chains break my family

  • Reyberth
    Reyberth 1 anno fa

    Brrrr migos is the best! Brr

  • malboy
    malboy 1 anno fa

    BEST ONE😤 gives me chills🥶‼️🎧