My Dad Guesses JoJo Stands Scarica

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  • 25 ago 2019

  • And he gets none of them right.


  • Blinky
    Blinky 10 mesi fa (modificato)

    UPDATE 2: "My Dad Guess JoJo Stands Part 2: Stando Boogaloo" is out now! Go give it a watch!

  • David Smith
    David Smith 9 mesi fa

    Dad: “Alright Muhammad Avdoooool”

  • Bakudan
    Bakudan 5 mesi fa

    Tower of Gray: Literally a fly

  • Pokefan 7
    Pokefan 7 4 mesi fa

    Should've shown him Hol Horse.

  • Bruhseve
    Bruhseve 5 mesi fa

    Bruh the way he said “Jotaro Kujo” im immediately blown away by the fact he didnt butcher tf out of it

  • Helmuth Gerka
    Helmuth Gerka 4 mesi fa

    Your dad is so cool, my parents would never accept being tortured like this.

  • Harrison B.
    Harrison B. 10 mesi fa

    Your dad is just coming up with stand ideas for part 9

  • Steamed
    Steamed 3 mesi fa (modificato)

    Original: Magicians Red

  • Tarantula Kid
    Tarantula Kid 5 mesi fa

    Stand name: 「D A D」

  • Kapitan132
    Kapitan132 1 mese fa

    if yall notice, joseph actually has TWO stands.

  • Comrade Zarkolfsky
    Comrade Zarkolfsky 5 mesi fa

    "His name is the world."

  • Toxic Tacos
    Toxic Tacos 3 mesi fa

    This dude should be hired to name the stands. Velvet Underground, Gypsy Kings. These are amazing stand names

  • TiZUrl
    TiZUrl 3 mesi fa

    Dad: “[Rohan Kishibe] He’s a weirdo”

  • fan of every thing
    fan of every thing 4 mesi fa

    Let's be honest here

  • Cat Girl Nya
    Cat Girl Nya 3 mesi fa

    Dad: his power is punching

  • Mikey Bruh
    Mikey Bruh 9 mesi fa

    “He’s some kind of zippers guy..”

  • shoot me
    shoot me 3 mesi fa

    “all the stands can fly” “well, this guy especially.”

  • José Pecina
    José Pecina 4 mesi fa

    Velvet underground, Gypsy Kings, Stairway To Heaven, Motorhead, damn, those are cool stand names tbh

  • Harper Reese
    Harper Reese 3 mesi fa

    “we have one named blue and one named purple -“

  • DogeLordGaming
    DogeLordGaming 3 mesi fa

    imagine kira yelling bicycle race