Mozart, Violinsonate F Dur KV 377 Anne Sophie Mutter Violine), Lambert Orkis (Klavier) Scarica

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  • 3 set 2013


  • kwastormayt
    kwastormayt 3 anni fa


  • R x
    R x 5 anni fa

    Abounding energy and intensity in the playing.  Mozart was having a good time with this score, and who could blame him for such captivating music? And then the marvelous change to a very reflective theme for the second movement of variations .  And then a beautifully balanced world in the finale. Bravo to the players, and especially Mozart!

  • Miku Kawaii
    Miku Kawaii 5 anni fa


  • grayswandir47
    grayswandir47 1 anno fa

    For those complaining about the camera work I think it's likely that the camera operators were doing what a producer told them to do.

  • Hrafnar Virkys
    Hrafnar Virkys 1 anno fa

    cameraman on drugs

  • Tom Bristowe
    Tom Bristowe 1 anno fa

    Insane camera work ruins this and all the other videos in this series. Why are these idiots allowed anywhere near a classical music recital?

  • 333mrwill
    333mrwill 6 anni fa


  • yushing tsao
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  • Patricia Addams
    Patricia Addams 2 mesi fa

    Mutter and Kyung Wha Chung's recordings are the best recordings of k. 377 on yt, imo. Good tempo and why do so many violinists here play the opening as if an exercise and so dull and pedestrian? All the Mozart violin piano sonatas are clearly conversations between the equally important piano and violin. Gorgeous playing, perhaps a little brusque in certain sections, and I would like to have the piano featured more prominently, but I'm sure that is due to the recording engineering. But this is mere quibbling. Brava! The best interpretation of this sonata is definitely Nell Gotkovsky with her brother on piano, Ivar Gotkovsky. Sadly there are few recordings of her. Her husband wrote "Diva," the book and screenplay. It is obviously about Nell, but here she is an opera singer. I encourage everyone to listen to her few recordings here. You will likely start breathing with her. That's how her playing affected people. The same was said of Fritz Kreisler.

  • Rafael Aguiñaga
    Rafael Aguiñaga 2 anni fa


  • Bert Kidder
    Bert Kidder 5 anni fa

    She is playing a Stradivarius violin built in very early 1700's. She owns two and a couple of Regazzi.

  • Alan Uchôa
    Alan Uchôa 1 anno fa (modificato)


  • ame fel
    ame fel 4 anni fa

    Ottimo davvero. Ho nel cuore le l'interpretazione di Salvatore Accardo e Bruno Canino ma devo dire che anche Mutter-Orkis...

  • claude gambier
    claude gambier 1 anno fa

    Monsieur Mozart a tout inventé .....cette Sicilienne ....proche du tango ...etonnant ...sublimes variations..

  • tropicjam73
    tropicjam73 6 mesi fa

    It s not s mozart..

  • Edward Obermueller
    Edward Obermueller 6 anni fa

    Mutter brings an unusual expressiveness to Mozart, and I like how full and crisp and aggressive her playing is on the first mvt.