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  • 24 nov 2019

  • The way that magicians make the impossible possible right in front of our eyes, is what makes them invincible! But, how do they do them? Well, you've come to the right place. So, be it Dom Chamber’s amazing Beer magic, or Richard Jones famous trick out of the book, in this video, we'll figure out the secrets behind some of Got Talent’s most famous magic tricks. Subscribe to FactoFusion: Our Social Media: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Below is the list of Got Talent's Top 3 Famous Magic Tricks revealed: The First Trick: The Appearing Beer Magic Trick (Dom Chambers - America’s Got Talent 2019) The Second Trick: The Book and Bottle Trick (Richard Jones - Britain’s Got Talent) The Third Trick: The Hot Tea Trick (Richard Jones - Britain’s Got Talent 2016) Music: Kool Kats by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: So guys, which trick did you like the most? The Beer trick, the Book trick, or the hot Tea trick. And name any other magic trick you would like us to reveal? Tell us in the comments below. Thanks for watching!


  • FactoFusion
    FactoFusion 10 mesi fa

    So guys, which trick did you like the most? The Beer trick, the Book trick, or the hot Tea trick.

  • Ech p
    Ech p 10 mesi fa

    I’m just amazed that he can keep glasses full of beer in his pockets

  • Ishad Idhrees
    Ishad Idhrees 9 mesi fa

    So u telling me terry crews know saw all these and still acted like it was awesome

  • Isabella Gauthier
    Isabella Gauthier 9 mesi fa

    Forget the magic trick I want the jacket imagine how many beer and snacks I can bring to the movie with that jacket

    CØZZY 9 mesi fa

    Beer glasses trick, they can not split. Those bottles probably have invisible cover to pretend that. I don’t think he would risk it. Also he only drinks the one which he filled so.

  • Luciel Choi
    Luciel Choi 9 mesi fa

    Everyone looks so dumb to me after knowing all the secrets

  • Kartikey V Hebbar
    Kartikey V Hebbar 10 mesi fa

    After knowing the secrets, I respect these magicians even more to pull it off so brilliantly in front of the crowd!

  • Runplays in HD
    Runplays in HD 9 mesi fa (modificato)

    The beer trick is very difficult, because he was needing not to turn over any glasses during the show, very difficult and dangerous

  • Aayush Ranjan
    Aayush Ranjan 6 mesi fa

    The real question is, how do we know he is not lying?😂

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious 9 mesi fa

    The real reason he didn't spill that beer was because he's Irish.

  • Nasir S
    Nasir S 9 mesi fa

    Dislikes are from the magicians and their family.

  • ghostzgaming
    ghostzgaming 10 mesi fa

    The real magic is how many ads u put on this video

  • Puvvy Puvverson
    Puvvy Puvverson 8 mesi fa

    how did the judges and audience not see the bump for all of the beer in his pockets???

  • Lilly
    Lilly 6 mesi fa

    The second trick is what I call a "too perfect" trick. There's no way to do it other than to force a page number, so obviously that's how it was done

  • U got no jams
    U got no jams 1 giorno fa

    Holding those beer glasses in his jacket is actually so much more impressive than the magic trick itself..... Lmao🤣🤣

  • h f o v
    h f o v 8 mesi fa

    We all gonna ignore the fact that the bottle just broke by itself and this dude just doesn't mention it

  • IbokRock811
    IbokRock811 9 mesi fa

    The thing I appreciated most about this video is that trick that’s in the thumbnail, the one that everyone clicked for, is the first one revealed, rather than being at the very end of the video! Thank you so much!

  • David Arsenyan
    David Arsenyan 9 mesi fa

    A great magician should never reveal their secrets...

  • Joy Ezekiel
    Joy Ezekiel 9 mesi fa

    The revealing if the beer isnt convincing, its just your own thinking.. even if its fake, he is intelligent and thats talent.. bringing out all beer without pouring out. He is best

  • Beatriz Soares
    Beatriz Soares 9 mesi fa

    I understand how the trick works BUT HOW TF DID HE BROKE THAT BOTTLE