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  • 9 ott 2018

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  • Reever Fan
    Reever Fan 1 anno fa

    Who else prefer this type of female anime character? I'm getting fed up with overly cutesy loli designed characters with squeaky annoying voices.

  • Killerbear 419
    Killerbear 419 10 mesi fa (modificato)

    Lisa Lisa: I’m your mother.

  • Ty1o Limmm
    Ty1o Limmm 1 anno fa


  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Speedwagon may be number one waifu, but she comes at a close second.

  • Joy Boy
    Joy Boy 1 anno fa

    Best MILF in the entirety of JOJO.

  • Areeb Azhar
    Areeb Azhar 1 anno fa

    She is the tsunade of jojo, but, much prettier

  • KagiaZzm
    KagiaZzm 1 anno fa

    normal moms use belt

  • Pixel Paige
    Pixel Paige 1 anno fa

    I actually like the small detail of how Joseph has got his looks from Lisa Lisa

  • L K
    L K 1 anno fa

    She's so beautiful it

  • Will you sell me your soul for immortality?

    For those who don't know. She is like 50 years old. Seriously.

  • Crimson _Elite
    Crimson _Elite 1 anno fa

    Fun Fact : Lisa Lisa's voice actress is Atsuko Tanaka, the voice of Bayonetta 💋

  • 1,000 subscribers without video challenge

    C'mon guys, she's literally 50 in the series

  • Alan Bareiro
    Alan Bareiro 1 anno fa

    Lewd comments aside, I really love her character. Her attitude, her badassness and her suave demeanor. She is so underrated.

  • Kotarou Rider Black

    If kakyoin lived in joseph era, i wonder what he's going to say

  • Hero Win
    Hero Win 1 anno fa

    Clickbaity title: "The entire Battle Tendency but only Lisa Lisa"

  • micpere1991
    micpere1991 2 mesi fa (modificato)

    I'd say she's probably the most attractive anime character I've seen and ironically the most normal looking by design compared to the others on this series.

  • el kevin
    el kevin 4 settimane fa

    Joseph: spy Lisa Lisa taking a shower

  • Vlad 96
    Vlad 96 1 anno fa

    99.69% of comments here are kakyoins accounts

  • Nidhin Ninan
    Nidhin Ninan 1 anno fa

    I think Lisa Lisa represents the struggles of raising a family. She’s not perfect, she can make mistakes sometimes... and she knows that. But her every decision is based off her connection to Joseph-she wants to protect him and make sure he’s all right, even if that requires her to stay out of his life until he’s grown up. From her perspective that decision was justified when she made it.