Let Your Light [LIVE 2013] - Ben Abraham Scarica

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  • 4 feb 2014

  • Words by Ben Abraham and Kristene Rimbaldo Music by Ben Abraham Recorded live at the Thornbury Theatre in December 2013 Video by Luke Joiner


  • Hillary Morrison
    Hillary Morrison 4 anni fa

    Thank you Mahogany sessions for introducing me to your incredible music! Absolutely stunning Ben.

  • Emanuel Sanabria
    Emanuel Sanabria 8 mesi fa

    I do not remember how I discovered this song but then, I cried. Now, too! There is a beautiful and heart breaking reason why he wrote this song, Ben explained it in a post of Feb 8th, 2010 on his FB page. More than words all I wanto to say is that this song is a master piece for the world and as so many stunning, amazing and precious things, is hidden.

  • Megan Watson
    Megan Watson 3 anni fa

    Everything he performs is gold.

  • Andrea Tiso
    Andrea Tiso 4 anni fa

    Does anyone know the chords? I'd really love to learn this song, he is such a great artist

  • Beiah Tudio
    Beiah Tudio 6 anni fa

    I just want to state that this song just makes me cry every time i hear it and just, the way you sang it here...even afer all these years he emotions are still so raw and real. And that makes great music, songs that transcends time.

  • Mashin' it up
    Mashin' it up 2 anni fa

    this is insane. cant stop listening

  • emmimus
    emmimus 6 anni fa

    Goosebumps and teardrops - You're such an inspiration 3

  • Lynn Terry
    Lynn Terry 2 mesi fa

    A new artist within my nighttime genre~

  • Candice Benson
    Candice Benson 3 anni fa

    Such a beautiful and moving song.

  • Amy Sageus
    Amy Sageus 1 anno fa

    Oh Ben.. your music inspires strength and courage in me. It gives me comfort and peace when i need it. I am so thankful that you decide to share your gift.

  • Emma Bush
    Emma Bush 6 anni fa

    This still brings me to tears, no matter how many times I hear it.

  • tragicallyfit in lotusland

    I'm going to share the hell out of you. With love from Vancouver Canada.

  • CW
    CW 6 anni fa

    Beautiful. Cannot wait for your album! Hope everything is going smoothly! 

  • timception
    timception 11 mesi fa

    How does this have only 50k views?

  • Jen and Nathan
    Jen and Nathan 6 anni fa

    Thanks for sharing. You are gifted. Please don't stop the music.

  • Cara Moyle
    Cara Moyle 2 anni fa

    I still listen to this version all the time, so raw and emotional and gets to me every time. You're amazing Ben.

  • Beiah Tudio
    Beiah Tudio 6 anni fa

    Loving the bowtie! And still just the best song ever!

  • Becky Carpenter
    Becky Carpenter 2 anni fa

    can really feel the emotion

  • Jay Lord
    Jay Lord 1 anno fa

    I wish i could learn the lyrics.

  • Ken Gamma
    Ken Gamma 3 anni fa

    Your Starlight family loves you and are soooooooo proud of you!