Justin Bieber - Come Around Me (CHANGES: The Movement) Scarica

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  • 4 mar 2020

  • Changes Out Now: https://justinbieber.lnk.to/Changes Follow Justin: http://facebook.com/justinbieber http://twitter.com/justinbieber http://instagram.com/justinbieber Sign up for Justin’s newsletter: http://justinbiebermusic.com Production Company: OBB Pictures Directed by: Nick DeMoura Executive Producers: Justin Bieber, Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner, Miranda Sherman, Kfir Goldberg Choreography by: Kida The Great Dancers: Justen Taylor, Jabari Timmons, Cameron Sykes, Kendrik Willis, Angel Jen-Mausis, Jayy Hancock, Tre De Rego Produced by: Andrew Sandler Director of Photography: Taylor Randall Production Designer: Francesca Maldonado Editor: Jordan Orme #ComeAroundMe #Changes Music video by Justin Bieber performing Come Around Me (CHANGES: The Movement). © 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


  • Dancersglobal
    Dancersglobal 7 mesi fa


  • Salomé Adimoch
    Salomé Adimoch 3 mesi fa

    No naked girls , good dancers ....just perfect

  • Azalea Lusi
    Azalea Lusi 5 mesi fa

    Their moves are so clean...it’s addicting wow

  • corson
    corson 2 mesi fa

    i feel like he should've promoted this song better than yummy

  • UZshoHTv
    UZshoHTv 4 mesi fa

    Random people who like this comment, may there mother live 100 years

  • F P K
    F P K 7 mesi fa

    Okay i can't be the only one who is addicted to this song!

  • jyoti singh
    jyoti singh 5 mesi fa

    He is most subscribed singer ever on YouTube.

  • Supriya Das
    Supriya Das 3 mesi fa

    All the new songs show how crazy he is bout his wife 😌

  • 中島幸愛
    中島幸愛 4 mesi fa

    bruuuhhh i grew up listening to your music, justin😭 when being a belieber was still taboo, but u know what? fans left, beliebers stayyy🧡 i feel so old realizing it's been 10 years being a belieber. keep going, i know u were born to be the king🔥❤️

    DEEPAMOL MOHANADASAN 1 mese fa (modificato)

    I cant believe this song didn't reach 100 million

  • Billy's news
    Billy's news 7 mesi fa

    So nobody gonna talk about how sick these dance moves are.

  • Ricsi
    Ricsi 5 mesi fa


  • StatiK
    StatiK 4 mesi fa

    Kida got the cleanest style, all amazing dancers though.

  • vishnugg
    vishnugg 2 mesi fa

    i hate how justin is still put in the category of pop, just because he was a child star. His songs are very soul rnb and electra

  • Maddie Stiles
    Maddie Stiles 3 mesi fa

    The choreography and this song is just absolutely 🔥🔥 this beat got me feelin so good.

  • Saurav Shukla
    Saurav Shukla 7 mesi fa

    This song: *exists

  • Erika Poblete
    Erika Poblete 4 mesi fa

    Who came here after watching Mark and Jungwoo duet 😂

  • Handa saloni
    Handa saloni 4 mesi fa

    We cannot deny the fact that this man is extremely talented 💘💘

  • Adaeze Ereojikwe
    Adaeze Ereojikwe 1 mese fa

    I knew that was Kida before I even saw his chain. His moves are so sleek and I can recognized em anywhere!!!

  • bronnyiq
    bronnyiq 2 mesi fa

    the fact kida was 17 when he choreographed this still AMAZES me!