JACKBOYS, Travis Scott - WHAT TO DO? (Audio) ft. Don Toliver Scarica

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  • 26 dic 2019

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  • Don Toliver
    Don Toliver 9 mesi fa


  • the.abhiram.r
    the.abhiram.r 1 settimana fa

    this song respresents the change in everyone's mentality from february to september

  • Harsh Rajawat
    Harsh Rajawat 2 mesi fa

    If you wanna get stoned without smoking and drinking then listen to this in order :

  • SaintCactusBeatz
    SaintCactusBeatz 6 mesi fa

    This is how the cold side of the pillow sounds like

  • Diorre
    Diorre 8 mesi fa

    teacher: ok you guys can start working

  • FBI
    FBI 8 mesi fa

    Deadass this song started playing in my head during a math test today

  • Jeff
    Jeff 1 mese fa

    FUN FACT: the person who did the strings for this song is Sarah Schachner, who recently composed the soundtrack for Modern Warfare and its fucking quality.

  • Prince charisma
    Prince charisma 7 mesi fa (modificato)

    RIP Pop , protect Don Toliver at all costs 😫🙏🏽

  • Kt95Xx Walker
    Kt95Xx Walker 7 mesi fa

    When your high asf this song sounds way better

  • Andrew Burns
    Andrew Burns 2 giorni fa

    sister: want some tea?

  • Please help me reach 1500 subs

    Travis Scott: What to do?

  • TizonaGaby
    TizonaGaby 7 mesi fa

    [Intro: Travis Scott]

  • Travis Star
    Travis Star 2 mesi fa

    I’m new on YouTube I’m ranking or not I’m performing these acoustic every night

  • xd cheateraf
    xd cheateraf 4 mesi fa

    1st time listening: meh its aight

  • powpowmotherfucker
    powpowmotherfucker 8 mesi fa

    Don toliver sounds like a modern version of akon

  • That Nigher
    That Nigher 7 mesi fa

    Steal vodka

  • ralesh kumar
    ralesh kumar 6 mesi fa (modificato)


  • Asnath K
    Asnath K 6 mesi fa


  • Sein Ololchoki
    Sein Ololchoki 8 mesi fa

    This gives me "Rodeo" vibes

    LILJAMEZY 9 mesi fa

    LAFLAMEEEEEE !!! 🔥🔥🔥