Inspirational Athletes - Free Solo Master - Alex Honnold Scarica

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  • 13 mag 2018

  • A collection of some of the best footage and quotes I could find from Alex Honnold, an incredible athlete and mental giant. While I don't encourage free solo climbing for anyone, everyone can learn from this man.


  • Putera Satria
    Putera Satria 2 anni fa

    I want this guy to live forever

  • SeaWizard
    SeaWizard 1 anno fa

    Stunning edit man. Truly a unique and inspirational human.

  • Boss Tweed
    Boss Tweed 4 mesi fa

    I'm obsessed with this guy, how his mind works is inspiring to say the least.

  • cullou toltec
    cullou toltec 1 anno fa

    a human, BEING!

  • Synthysizer
    Synthysizer 2 anni fa

    an accurate, educated collection of Alex's perspectives. Thanks for the video!

  • 망히
    망히 2 anni fa

    Incredible courage and innocent and clear mind. Every time I watch his climb my hands and feet leak. Just inspiring.

  • Luca Dressler
    Luca Dressler 2 anni fa

    Nice video! Even though i knew every clip of it. I watched anything there is about honnold :D

  • motoman453
    motoman453 2 anni fa

    Beautifully done! Thanks for sharing!

  • Great Horned Owl
    Great Horned Owl 7 mesi fa

    Alex Honnold is an underappreciated athlete.  Not all of us are rock climbers, but besides the stunning visuals there are lessons/analogies to be made.  Noted he spent a year preparing to climb El Cap, breaking down 3,000 ft (?) climb into steps, then mapping what to do at each step. Faced with a seemingly impossible task, his approach to preparation for something with far greater risks (falling), vs our seemingly impossible goals, losing weight, changing careers, relationships… etc.

  • Melissa Perez
    Melissa Perez 2 anni fa

    Well done. Loved it!

  • Joe Cool
    Joe Cool 3 mesi fa

    He inspires me in a lot of ways, cool guy, and inspires me to look at climbing...but sure doesn't inspire me to climb without ropes , quite the opposite in fact haha

  • Romulo Ambay
    Romulo Ambay 5 mesi fa

    remembering bekim fehmiu in one of his films " life is like climbing a cliff once you commit mistake you'll die". . .here alex had actually done it. .he could say "climbing a cliff is like life one mistake and it's going to be full of regrets. .

  • Ilan Spierer
    Ilan Spierer 1 anno fa

    While his solo is inspirational his foundation charity work, respect for the environment vegan life style makes Alex and all around seemingly nice guy ( having never met) a total inspiration. "Live long and prosper".

  • Paul Hutton
    Paul Hutton 1 anno fa

    Y'all definitely saved the best for last! That 12d solo on El Sendero Luminoso, with the music, has been giving me chills since the footage came out!

  • Marco
    Marco 2 anni fa

    Really good video! great work

  • TheRobkob
    TheRobkob 1 anno fa

    Absolutely love it👍👍👍👍

  • 망히
    망히 1 anno fa

    Alex HOLD ON

  • David Bradsher
    David Bradsher 1 anno fa

    What a well done collage. From your choices of quotes, clips, and music, you knocked it out of the park.

  • Gary Liang
    Gary Liang 2 anni fa

    i wonder what the background music is, please tell me.

  • Matilda Hewitt
    Matilda Hewitt 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Very impressive and inspirational guy.