How I (finally) stopped binge eating Scarica

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  • 24 feb 2020

  • If you found this video insightful, I think you'll really benefit from my program, Keep It Real. It's a step-by-step guide designed to help you stop binge and end emotional eating. It's not just a silly diet (we know those don't work). It's based on my clinical experience as a dietitian so it won't just be another failed attempt. Plus, I have a 30-day money-back guarantee so nothing to lose by trying this new approach ➭ You can also follow me on Instagram ➭ Plus, there are lots of free blog posts to read on my website on how to stop binge eating ➭ Otherwise, you can try my other program Back to Basics for free ➭ Or read my book for way more info on how I stopped binge eating ➭ Subscribe for weekly vids ➭ Stop binge eating blog posts ➭ For years, I was a binge eater. The more I tried to stop binge eating, the more I kept eating. It felt like I was addicted to food. I couldn't stop eating. Then, I tried a different approach to help me stop binge eating (as well as emotional eating). Learning how to stop binge eating wasn't a quick fix - I don't think those work - but it was worth it. Binge eating doesn't mean there is anything wrong with your willpower. Chances are you've probably been using the wrong approach to stop binge eating - and it's making it harder for you to stop. You can't fix binge eating by simply 'trying harder' or going on another diet. I explain key strategies to help you stop binge eating in this video. I really hope it helps xx P.s. If you want a little more support, I've got more free resources to help you stop binge eating here:


  • Adelaide Ross
    Adelaide Ross 5 mesi fa

    my biggest binge food was always peanut butter. I'm not sure exactly how I finally stopped it after a few years, but I sloooooowly stopped fearing it by letting myself have it every day but not by itself. I would let myself put it in my smoothie or oatmeal or cereal (places I would be scared to put it before because it had too many calories), and over time I learned to normalize it like you were talking about. The irony is prior to that I was scared of how many calories peanut butter has so I would only put it on fruit then I would end up eating 1000 calories of it because when the fruit was gone I couldn't stop eating the peanut butter. It literally took years, but I feel so much better now, and I never feel like I'm going to sit and eat half a jar of peanut butter in one setting again.

  • Rylee Woelk
    Rylee Woelk 4 mesi fa

    my issue is i’m not even hungry, i’ll just eat because i’m addicted to the feeling of eating. i just want to eat normal portions:(

  • Victoria Guerrier
    Victoria Guerrier 5 mesi fa

    But my problem is when I start eating, I can’t seem to stop... I literally only stop eating when Im physically unable to.

  • leen saededdin
    leen saededdin 5 mesi fa

    We need a video about how NOT to EAT when you are BORED

  • Evie Basketballl
    Evie Basketballl 3 mesi fa

    Anyone else binge at night but is fine with their meals

  • just another noona
    just another noona 5 mesi fa

    I binge eat without a reason even when I'm full I am most of the times disgusted by myself

  • Ebonie Smith
    Ebonie Smith 2 mesi fa

    I'm not saying this in a rude way but the way she said "just stop obsessing over food" kind felt like someone saying "just stop being sad and you won't have depression"

  • JulieJoiseAsmr
    JulieJoiseAsmr 5 mesi fa

    I feel like if i stopped restricted and just ate what i wanted and stopped trying to loose weight, it would get totally out of control and I would gain so much weight :/

  • Sarah Bardhi
    Sarah Bardhi 4 mesi fa

    Binge eating made me so depressed and nobody can help me in my family because they don’t know what it is or what I’m going through

  • Sadie Dm
    Sadie Dm 5 mesi fa

    Even if I'm full I just WANT to eat more, I think it's emotional eating from past restriction. I hate it:(

  • Sofia Guzman
    Sofia Guzman 4 mesi fa

    She’s describing my life

  • Kara J
    Kara J 4 mesi fa

    I feel like its not even me when i binge. Like one second i am sitting on the couch watching tv and the next it feel like something took over my body and is shoving food down my throat.

  • Nataly Solorio
    Nataly Solorio 5 mesi fa

    I was able to relate so much once she said she would binge when no one was home because I also didn’t want people looking at me when I would eat

  • salmavia
    salmavia 1 mese fa

    the hardest part is i always eat when i SEE food

  • Cleo Aria Minto
    Cleo Aria Minto 1 mese fa

    I binge eat until I literally feel sick and it sucks ! 😭

  • Pimphisa R
    Pimphisa R 5 mesi fa

    When I’m done eating I automatically walk to the fridge... it feels like a routine

  • Lorena Aleman
    Lorena Aleman 5 mesi fa

    This came in my recommended videos. I just binge ate 4500 calories. Holy crap

  • Ughnotuagain Ughnotuagain

    Here's what works for me:

  • Gem
    Gem 3 mesi fa

    i binged so much yesterday that i felt that my stomach was going to pop

  • Lisa Runda
    Lisa Runda 4 mesi fa

    Every time I stop obsessing about food I gain a lot of weight and can’t lose, even with exercise. When I restrict I struggle as well. I hate obsessing about food, but I can’t stop.