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  • 19 dic 2018

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  • Pick Up Limes
    Pick Up Limes 1 anno fa

    Why can frozen berries sometimes be more nutritious than fresh berries? Many fresh fruits, like berries, and some vegetables too, are picked before they are ripe. This allows them time to fully ripen during transportation, but it means they had less time to obtain and develop a full range of vitamins, minerals and natural antioxidants with help from the soil. Berries destined to be frozen, on the other hand, are picked at peak ripeness, when they’re most nutritious. Both fresh and frozen berries are wonderfully nutritious, and incredibly antioxidant rich; include these little gems in your meals and snacks whenever possible :)

  • madelyn grace
    madelyn grace 1 anno fa

    An apple a day keeps anyone away if you throw it hard enough.

  • August McLaren
    August McLaren 2 mesi fa

    that was by far the smoothest sponsorship insert I've ever ....

  • Mandakh Nyamandeleg

    My tip: don't buy foods you know you should avoid

  • Art Of Sigil
    Art Of Sigil 7 mesi fa

    Sister you are hands down one of the most beautiful women I've ever come across - your energy is WOW! so so so beautifully positive, thank you for making the world a more beautiful place by simply being you!

  • Kaela K
    Kaela K 7 mesi fa

    Sadia, I deeply appreciate your use of language in this video (and across all videos on your channel but especially here). I love your use of "could" and saying "_ might help" instead of "should" and " _ will help". I so appreciate your compassionate, informative, honest approach to educating your audience about leading a plant-based lifestyle. Thank you for what you do with this channel :) ❤️

  • Anish Patel
    Anish Patel 10 mesi fa

    I don’t think I have ever watched a health video that makes me feel so happy and motivated! Thanks for the material!

  • virjili
    virjili 7 mesi fa (modificato)

    All great tips... but i think it's the way she delivers it that keeps me watching. Smiling, no judging, reasonable suggestions. Like turning a light on over common sense.

  • Classy Queen
    Classy Queen 6 mesi fa (modificato)

    Wow, this video is so refreshing!! Most Youtubers spend about 10-15 minutes talking about how great and useful their video is going to be. When in reality they share only 3 cliche tips in a 20-30 minute video. You were just throwing great ideas after great ideas that I never thought of, with absolute no nonsense talking!! I really appreciated this, what an amazing video 🥰 straight to the point

  • Gharelu Nuskha
    Gharelu Nuskha 3 mesi fa


  • AutomatedChaos
    AutomatedChaos 6 mesi fa

    Talking about hacks: when making smoothies with strawberries, you don't need to cut away the crown. You can just blend it with the rest. It saves time and adds a little bit more fiber.

  • R Dieser
    R Dieser 1 anno fa

    After watching your videos I always feel calm and optimistic. You really radiate good vibes and healthier choices

  • Asha Green
    Asha Green 7 mesi fa (modificato)

    I lost weight by only eating "in season vegetables and fruits" right now I am eating winter vegetables and fruits, it was easy to adapt, and saved me some money.

  • Claire
    Claire 4 mesi fa

    I LOVE that idea of making your own fancy nut butter. Definitely going to try it!!! thanks for the idea3

  • Daniella Assa
    Daniella Assa 2 mesi fa

    Hey Sadia, would you consider giving us a basic nutrition course: Like how to understand what to eat or how to create a meal plan

  • Sheri Rex
    Sheri Rex 7 mesi fa

    I have always dehydrated spinach in large quantities. Then I blend it to a powder, and add it to everything.

  • Tsetsi
    Tsetsi 1 anno fa

    i need to boost my healthy eating!

  • Zion Vas
    Zion Vas 2 giorni fa

    Be immune with vitamins D,C to fight covid as God Jesus fought against sin,death,hell,devil,illness,bad habits by His death n ressurrection on 3rd day. Trust Him 4 strength n heaven. C 'Jesus' heals in google..!......!..!..

  • Natalie Valladares
    Natalie Valladares 1 giorno fa

    This is so overwhelming but good.

  • andrew miller
    andrew miller 4 mesi fa

    This is an endearing young lady, there is a soulful quality about her. After her beautiful presentation i want to do everything she says . Hec you cant help but feel she cares . God bless you sweet girl . and thank you so much for this wonderful video on healthy eating .