HALL OF FAME Never Back Down - Motivation _HD Scarica

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  • 30 set 2012

  • Motivational video !! VIDEO : NEVER BACK DOWN MOVIE AUDIO : HALL OF FAME - The Script


  • Fresh Movie
    Fresh Movie 1 anno fa (modificato)

    actually he is looks like Ronaldo 😅 anyone in here agreed? 😅

  • My Hobby is Entertaining
    My Hobby is Entertaining 2 mesi fa (modificato)

    He's the fusion of Tom Cruise and Christiano Ronaldo😂🤣

  • Mandhan Academy
    Mandhan Academy 3 giorni fa

    He's the fusion of Tom Cruise and Christiano Ronaldo😂

  • One_Tap_Only
    One_Tap_Only 2 mesi fa

    7 Years later, if you're watching this you're a legend

  • GAMIT yuvraj
    GAMIT yuvraj 2 mesi fa

    One day someone will find this Comment...

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    I pray who ever reads this becomes successful..

  • Ankit yadav
    Ankit yadav 1 giorno fa


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    Dear stranger whoever reads this: may You and your parents live over 100 years ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • S J
    S J 11 mesi fa

    Stop scrolling down

  • Ironcalvo Thanos
    Ironcalvo Thanos 2 mesi fa

    I didn't know that Sadio Mane was the trainer of Cristiano Ronaldo. What a great man.

  • Nathan Selvaggio
    Nathan Selvaggio 1 mese fa

    What does dan feel about becoming the next frank the tank from old school? “Get me a beer.” “Are you serious?” “Now.”

  • The Guitarist
    The Guitarist 1 mese fa

    It sounds like airplanes ft. Bob somewhat!!

    [GDS] ÀŁPHÁ 1 mese fa

    20% Ronaldo 80% Tom Cruise and 100% reason to remember the name

  • Shenae' Reid
    Shenae' Reid 5 anni fa (modificato)

    Some movies can actually make you a better person

    FAU - G OFFICIAL GAMING 1 settimana fa

    Who wants to have courage like the guy ,trainer , and that freind . Frends and teachers are always great !!

  • Priyanka Kumari
    Priyanka Kumari 1 mese fa

    He's the fusion of Tom Cruise,Cristiano Ronaldo and Chris Evans 🤣🤣🤣

  • Pritam
    Pritam 23 ore fa

    I find him similar to Pat Cummins

  • Marble Ward
    Marble Ward 2 mesi fa

    99% of comments are about that this guy looks like CR7 and Tom Cruise 👌

  • Umme Shefa
    Umme Shefa 1 mese fa

    Who's hearing it in August 2020 hope September goes well guys