Gorillaz - Broken - Plastic Beach Scarica

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  • 12 feb 2015

  • Broken taken from the 2010 album Plastic Beach including the singles Rhinestone Eyes, Stylo, Superfast Jellyfish and On Melancholy Hill.


  • Patrick Spillane
    Patrick Spillane 2 anni fa

    Murdoc's nose is broken

  • Space Wed
    Space Wed 2 anni fa

    Murdoc writes such beautiful songs for such a smelly old pervert. I love him.

  • Plexal
    Plexal 3 anni fa

    This song is not complete without the video of Noodle dancing.

  • J L
    J L 3 anni fa (modificato)

    this music makes me comfortable to be a loner

  • TheRickymaster Films

    There's something about this song, it's just so, addicting.

  • Chaise Berry 2021
    Chaise Berry 2021 3 anni fa

    Distant stars

  • MrBreach 101
    MrBreach 101 2 mesi fa

    The Four Horsemen of Broken:

  • Matt Webber
    Matt Webber 4 anni fa

    Brroooookkkeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnn oouurr looooooooooooooove broookkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennn

  • Daniel hazelrigg
    Daniel hazelrigg 4 anni fa

    This and Empire Ants are so smooth, chill, and charming. the slow songs are the best on this album in my opinion

  • Lunaseur
    Lunaseur 4 anni fa


  • grayfruit
    grayfruit 5 anni fa

    Seriously underrated track. The flute-thing reminds me of the Pikmin theme.

  • angie ivanoa
    angie ivanoa 4 anni fa

    Gorillaz songs make me think about Summer nights.These songs are so important to my teenage years and make me think about so many memories.This band is the fucking best.

  • Far
    Far 3 anni fa

    The fact that I see people ship band members together makes me want to vomit several times.

  • Dave's Drabbles
    Dave's Drabbles 3 anni fa

    hey isnt this the song murdoc sang at the end of Gorrilaz in Dressing Room?

  • bert
    bert 3 anni fa

    the reply button is broken

  • Ouma Apologist
    Ouma Apologist 3 anni fa

    This is a good break up song to send to someone

  • Autumn The Gay
    Autumn The Gay 6 mesi fa

    Mudz is a softie once you bust open his mean shell he wrote to binge, empire ants, and broken? He has to be soft somewhere

  • Papa John's India
    Papa John's India 3 anni fa (modificato)


  • Pat Mo
    Pat Mo 3 anni fa

    In doncamatic 2-D :"Talk to me, talk to me, talk to me, talk to me!.."

  • squid
    squid 3 anni fa

    Hello, our love?