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  • 25 feb 2020

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  • Pick Up Limes
    Pick Up Limes 7 mesi fa

    On the hunger - fullness scale, where do you usually start eating? 😋

  • r ssb
    r ssb 3 mesi fa

    I love how she uses the word “wholesome” rather than “healthy”

  • 白梅玲Marghe
    白梅玲Marghe 6 mesi fa

    This video should be shown to all teenagers in school, I feel like that’s the time food struggles begin and peak for most people

  • Maanyaa
    Maanyaa 7 mesi fa

    I love how you're an actual certified dietician yet still have such a holistic approach towards health and wellness which you're able to explain to a huge audience so beautifully ❤️

  • Belly Dancer
    Belly Dancer 6 mesi fa

    I love this. All I ever did was diet, my mom put me on a diet when I was 5. When my husband and I were trying to have a kid I couldn't get pregnant, even with IVF treatment. Doctors couldn't figure out why since my cycle was normal. Found intuitive eating, not only did my temperament get better (i mean, whose in a good mood when your constantly hungry)but the first time in my life I had a healthy relationship with food, never thought it would happened. Gained some weight, didn't care bc this was the best I ever felt and six months later after 3 years of trying, i got pregnant naturally. 8 months pregnant now ❤️ lol sorry, this is just my story.

  • RespectedMenace
    RespectedMenace 7 mesi fa

    I can’t believe how perfect the timing of this video is. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much 💛

  • Wentaya
    Wentaya 7 mesi fa

    When I was a kid, we had to finish everything on our plates - there was no such thing as saying "I'm full". We were also not allowed any snacks whatsoever between meals, not even anything to drink, no matter how hungry/thirsty. A frequent punishment was "no dessert" for X number of meals, and my mother talked about fat people like it was the worst thing in the world to be overweight. This created a very dysfunctional relationship with food for me, and I struggled with a binge eating disorder for years and years. Going vegan helped significantly, but I still struggle sometimes. Even though I'm an adult now, I envy kids who are allowed to say 'no' when full, and parents who say 'yes' when kids are hungry. Sigh.

  • Alexandra Nikoltchovska
    Alexandra Nikoltchovska 6 mesi fa (modificato)

    But honestly, who is giving those downvotes! Sadia, a video of yours is like a session with my psychologist. I automatically feel relaxed. It is like drinking tee with a close friend! Also thank you so much for speaking about this. I think a lot of people should hear this :)

  • r ssb
    r ssb 3 mesi fa

    I love how she uses the word “wholesome” rather than “healthy”

  • cinnamonrolls
    cinnamonrolls 6 mesi fa

    When is your podcast coming?😃

  • Luz Ottone
    Luz Ottone 6 mesi fa

    I have such a shit relationship with food, I'm literally scared of calories and it is the first thing that comes to my head before and after i eat anything, I eat a very healthy vegetarian diet, and I rarely eat unhealthy food but, most unhealthy foods I've come to not even like anymore. im sometimes weeks skipping some meals and obsessively counting calories, drinking a lot of tea, coffee,water to reduce hunger, have the need to go to the gym for un least 40 min every day or I feel like shit. And then start motivating myself to improve the relationship and i start eating more (3 healthy meals a day and a snack) and I do that for a few weeks and then i feel like i have gained weight and i want to loose wait, so the process repeats itself. i hate the feeling that I can never eat anything without thinking about the calories it has. i wish i could have a healthy relationship with food and body image

  • Jennifer Hunt
    Jennifer Hunt 6 mesi fa

    I was so surprised you said “shit”😂 loved it though! I absolutely love your videos that are most wellness based!

  • wangari muriithi
    wangari muriithi 5 mesi fa


  • Natania
    Natania 7 mesi fa

    i’m currently suffering with a binge eating disorder and bulimia i can’t tell my parents i don’t know what they would do but this has really helped me so i just wanted to say thank you as i think i’m willing to try this

  • INKA
    INKA 7 mesi fa

    Whenever I’m feeling anxious, stressed or being too hard on myself, I search for your videos on Youtube and they give me this weird sense of peace and acceptance within myself. Your videos are truly amazing. They are, in a way, like therapy to me. Thank you for always making my days better and for getting me through a lot of tough times. ❤️

  • Valentine
    Valentine 3 mesi fa

    Whenever I try to focus on fullness, I almost automatically feel... hungrier! Does anyone else feel the same?

  • Cierra
    Cierra 6 mesi fa

    This is the first time I’ve watched a video on intuitive eating that just speaks to me. I have to say this video made me emotional. I’ve struggled with food and body image for so long. I loved this video so much.

  • The Moon
    The Moon 7 mesi fa

    This kinda made me feel so emotional and I don't know who's cutting onions here!

  • RoyalT Official
    RoyalT Official 4 mesi fa (modificato)

    I grew up on: "eat everything on ur plate or no dessert" 😭😭 who else?

  • Atheria PsychicGal
    Atheria PsychicGal 4 mesi fa

    Interestingly, as I've been swinging to extremes diet-wise again...and my weight is UP due to it...I glanced down to see one of my cats eating and had an "Ah ha!" moment. Then I saw this video that confirmed it. Watching Chakra eat, and then drink some water, I noticed that both of my cats eat when hungry...and only until comfortable. They can not think about food for hours and hours. Some days they eat more, some days less. They follow hunger queues. They don't eat if happy or bored or sad. They don't eat by the clock. They are intuitive eaters!