Eurovisioncalls Samanta Tīna - Latvia 🇱🇻 with NikkieTutorials Scarica

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  • 13 mag 2020

  • 2020 Online Host NikkieTutorials will take to YouTube to video call with some artists who were planned to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. This is her call with Samanta Tīna from Latvia - If you want to know more about the Eurovision Song Contest, visit Shop the official Eurovision Song Contest merchandise: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook:


  • Yoyo 33
    Yoyo 33 4 mesi fa

    She was the only smart one to use sprays and masks in her NF Performance. 😂😷

  • Sand Man
    Sand Man 4 mesi fa

    Samanta Tina deserves being internally selected from now on. She makes total sense and she knows what is just for herself and to other people. Very congenial of her.

  • Airsity
    Airsity 4 mesi fa

    They better bring her back or we’re all gonna have to fight the Latvian delegation

  • ESCRoPo
    ESCRoPo 4 mesi fa

    If LTV doesn’t choose her for next year I will scream. This woman deserves to go to Eurovision after like 7 tries, that’s dedication.

  • Ata İzberk
    Ata İzberk 4 mesi fa

    Seriously tho she has to come back for 2021

  • Nerd0!
    Nerd0! 4 mesi fa


  • ESC Aires
    ESC Aires 4 mesi fa

    Samanta is very sweet and she is so cooooool! One of the best artists of this year ❤❤

  • ტომ კიონ


  • Goncalo Sousa
    Goncalo Sousa 4 mesi fa

    If Latvia wants to go back to the final , they better choose Samanta next year

  • Rofilah Noor
    Rofilah Noor 4 mesi fa

    SAMANTA TINA: "I have a lot of energy"

  • Ata İzberk
    Ata İzberk 4 mesi fa

    Wow the Latvian delegation is going to make a decision whether to keep Samanta or not for next year in a week. That’s major TEA!

  • Gergő Marosvári
    Gergő Marosvári 4 mesi fa

    Samanta HAS to be the Latvian contestant in 2021.

  • Maxxy Rainbow ESC
    Maxxy Rainbow ESC 4 mesi fa

    God I love her so so much!! They need to pick her for next year!

  • Hüseyin
    Hüseyin 4 mesi fa

    If Latvia doesn‘t choose her for next year, they‘re definetly cancelled

  • Rubii
    Rubii 4 mesi fa

    Samanta won, she's the only one who has tools against the virus in her music video.

  • helpmethinkofaname
    helpmethinkofaname 4 mesi fa (modificato)

    As a latvian fan of Nikkie I am so happy

  • Samy
    Samy 4 mesi fa (modificato)


  • Elvis
    Elvis 4 mesi fa

    I hope she'll come back! She is the best, even more if she'll write another song with Aminata! ☺️❤️

  • FreakRaider
    FreakRaider 4 mesi fa

    samanta is such a good talker, i could listen to her for hours! also her english is really good

  • jeremiad
    jeremiad 4 mesi fa

    if latvia does not internally select her, i will scream.