Eminem - Phenomenal [HD] Scarica

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  • 2 mar 2016

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  • Hamza Hussain
    Hamza Hussain 1 mese fa

    The films called Warrior its on Netflix if anyone wants to watch it its really good

  • Xman
    Xman 3 anni fa

    1.350 dislikes is from decpacito lovers...

  • Stive Rome
    Stive Rome 1 anno fa

    Viva old scool......2019...dz

  • Kitty Master
    Kitty Master 2 anni fa


  • Radu Tomas
    Radu Tomas 1 settimana fa

    Pff, missed this one. Could gave cut 5 years of my struggle.

  • Ulti
    Ulti 2 anni fa

    i love the lyrics been lessening for a long time now and it just never gets old same with others similar songs like this keep me going

  • Pierre Perras
    Pierre Perras 3 anni fa

    I just realised that this was posted at my birthday.

  • PlaySkillTV
    PlaySkillTV 3 anni fa

    when 2 brothers fighting lot of emotions !! this was su intensiv

  • Crystal Burkett
    Crystal Burkett 3 anni fa

    I'm in love with my King of this crazy world we live together and he is phenomenal amen

  • Sherosekhan Khan
    Sherosekhan Khan 2 anni fa

    Tom Hardy was amazing as Bane. Perfect actor for Venom

  • Z
    Z 2 anni fa

    Now I'm Phenomenal.

  • Yuri Soyboyka
    Yuri Soyboyka 3 anni fa

    Anyone else think Tom hardy should be wolverine after Hugh jackman?

  • SomeManBoi
    SomeManBoi 4 anni fa

    I'm a simple man, I see Eminem I click

  • Chandra Jat
    Chandra Jat 1 giorno fa

    I am simple person I see Eminem I leave a like..

  • SIERRA 02
    SIERRA 02 3 anni fa

    The first fight scene is my favorite

  • Muhammed Alsaleh
    Muhammed Alsaleh 3 anni fa

    when life get complicated

  • Giuseppe Falco
    Giuseppe Falco 1 anno fa

    The best in my life are tomhardi and eminem, tom hardy is the best actor

  • ak nature
    ak nature 4 anni fa

    2 favourite people of my life.........tom hardy and eminem

  • daniel j
    daniel j 3 anni fa

    and only a few people here will know what this real feeling is.