Dio VS Diego Scarica

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  • 17 nov 2016

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  • Real Human Being
    Real Human Being 3 anni fa

    8 JoJos, 5 Dios, but only one Speedwagon

  • Cj Decena
    Cj Decena 1 anno fa


  • Plasmazing '
    Plasmazing ' 1 mese fa

    Imagine if Diego became a vampire. He would be super powerful physically and he could also create an army of zombie dinos.

  • Soviet Knight
    Soviet Knight 2 anni fa (modificato)

    villians in jojo:

  • Nayshjin
    Nayshjin 10 mesi fa (modificato)

    Part 1: Dio Brando

  • UnderwaterComix
    UnderwaterComix 3 anni fa

    "He can create half man half...uh... Half human creatures"

  • Ayaya!
    Ayaya! 7 mesi fa

    Its easy. Just punch him *V E R Y H A R D*. I did that once and it worked.

  • LieutenantDunDee
    LieutenantDunDee 1 anno fa

    "Space Splitting Eye Spike Suprise"

  • Death Maniac
    Death Maniac 1 anno fa


  • crab man
    crab man 1 anno fa

    "Who dares oppose DIO and Dio?"

  • Richter Belmont
    Richter Belmont 1 anno fa

    "What Diego have that Dio don't? Character development"

  • MasterCrazyYYD
    MasterCrazyYYD 3 mesi fa

    Araki: Hear me out everybody! DIO but he's a cowboy dinosaur who makes others dinosaurs and stops time for 5 seconds

  • Tyufoe96
    Tyufoe96 1 anno fa

    Don't you dare call speedwagon a liar

  • Call out The Dylan
    Call out The Dylan 1 anno fa

    “Who dares challenge 2 of the same British bois”

  • Armed Weiss
    Armed Weiss 3 anni fa

    Who would win in a free for all? Dio, Dio, Dio, or Dio?

  • francisco andrada
    francisco andrada 5 mesi fa

    Easy win for Diego. Here's why:

  • António Paixão
    António Paixão 6 mesi fa


  • Isso não é Um canal


  • vvqe
    vvqe 1 anno fa

    Dio is not the nicest person, but he's pretty hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • The world
    The world 4 mesi fa

    why does diego have me as the same stand as dio