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  • Raider
    Raider 5 mesi fa

    dumb video, Dio can't walk in the sunlight disliked.

  • The D4C Gang
    The D4C Gang 5 mesi fa (modificato)

    This is completely ruined for people who know Japanese isn't it.

  • Sliver Lining
    Sliver Lining 2 settimane fa

    "After all, a king with his kingdom is nothing when faced against

  • EOxp13 - YouTube
    EOxp13 - YouTube 4 settimane fa

    Imagine if this actually happend, Jojo fans would break the internet

  • Kurapika
    Kurapika 2 settimane fa (modificato)

    Characters: talks japanese

  • Fulmin
    Fulmin 4 settimane fa

    Fun fact: In italian God is "Dio" and Devil is "Diavolo"

  • Cosmo Kong AKA Cosmological expansion Dong

    DIO couldn't go outside in Stardust Crusaders because he didn't know sunscreen was invented yet. Giorno's mother actually gave him a bottle of sunscreen, which is why he didn't kill her.

  • savage deviljho Godzilla

    people: DiO cAn'T wAlK iN sUnLiGhT

  • r e v e l a r e_ XVII
    r e v e l a r e_ XVII 1 mese fa (modificato)


  • SomethingRandom
    SomethingRandom 1 settimana fa

    Everyone: Why is DIO not dead?!

  • FBI `
    FBI ` 1 mese fa

    If dio was a good guy, he and jotaro would have fun times together

  • ElitekidMu0
    ElitekidMu0 4 mesi fa

    Fun fact: This is Diavolo’s one of many deaths in his endless loop

  • you have been potato-ed
    you have been potato-ed 1 settimana fa

    For the people wondering why Dio is standing in

  • Jonathan Joestar
    Jonathan Joestar 1 settimana fa

    Not jojo main characters:

  • Andy Claw
    Andy Claw 2 settimane fa

    Dio: I don't you to suffer the same fate as me.

  • Analyn Reosura
    Analyn Reosura 3 settimane fa

    Giorno giovanna right?

  • RawazFHK
    RawazFHK 5 mesi fa (modificato)

    The video is sooooooo high quality the original cast should’ve voiced over it

  • Fox Gaming
    Fox Gaming 1 settimana fa

    This would've actually been a better ending than Giorno just Insta beating Diavolo

  • khaleel Brow :D
    khaleel Brow :D 1 settimana fa

    Dio stands in sun light

  • GonzaloGamer 13 Arias
    GonzaloGamer 13 Arias 2 settimane fa

    DIO and the sun doesn't matter what really matter's is that King Crimson has E in Durability and The World has A in Power, Diavolo would probably have lost his head from one hit