Chintya Candranaya Got Challenger Scarica

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  • 10 set 2019

  • Chintya Candranaya Got Challenger #ChintyaCandranaya #PencakSilat my social media account FB : @chintya Candranaya Instagram : @chintyacandranaya business inquires : CP (anjar) +6281928001620 Manager click this link for watch Chintya Candranaya Self Defense Part 1 :


  • squad
    squad 8 mesi fa

    gentle ini org. datang langsung. ga cuma nyinyir di kolom komentar .

  • FB1M0 Taruni
    FB1M0 Taruni 8 mesi fa

    Ternyata saya bru menyadari tato itu ga bantu klo kita lg berkelahi🤣🤣

  • Cric chromo Shome
    Cric chromo Shome 1 anno fa

    How could he be a challenger?? Look at his face.. He's damn scared...

  • Daizuke Uchiha
    Daizuke Uchiha 1 anno fa

    Its already 2019 and you're still blind 😂😂

  • Ayi Saryat
    Ayi Saryat 8 mesi fa

    Kuat, namun rendah hati, dan yg jelas manis org,nya...😁😍😍

  • dede_2745 G
    dede_2745 G 1 anno fa

    I love this girl

  • mars base
    mars base 1 anno fa (modificato)

    Much love and respect to you, Naya. You are a sweetheart who has the skills to to kick ass, but peaceful heart to not want to hurt except for self defense.

  • Nyekti Joe
    Nyekti Joe 1 anno fa

    He want to proof Chintya is real fighter... 😂😂😂😀

  • Elijah22
    Elijah22 1 anno fa

    Cynthia dont feed into the pride of others dont feel like u have to prove anything to anyone. You are a Classy person and good at your art form thats all that matters... Violence is Not The way of the Masters or is mans approval.

  • Kazama Style
    Kazama Style 1 anno fa

    The guy needs more practice for escape

  • Chimi Shimray
    Chimi Shimray 1 anno fa

    I love chintya ...❤

  • dhenzkie Decrito vlog

    You are my idol..i love watching your technique.😍😍

  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez 1 anno fa


  • mic55y
    mic55y 1 anno fa

    You are very nice, very humble and respectable Girl! What you said at the end of the video was very important, you are new good and positive role model for all of us!Thank you so much and good luck in everything! God bless you.

  • Francisco Assis
    Francisco Assis 1 anno fa

    Eu sou Brazileiro, e admiro muito o talento dessa moça! Eu queria pode conhece-la pra mim pode compartilha meu talento com o talento dela.

  • Lon's Martial Arts
    Lon's Martial Arts 1 anno fa

    Much Love and many blessings to you Chintya! I want to go out with you sometime soon for a jog at the park and cookout. you are a true warrior beautiful queen!

  • Arami Chong
    Arami Chong 1 anno fa

    Denny still have a lot to learn compared to Naya skills. Thanks for sharing this video. Naya you the greatest and best Indonesian martial art lady I ever know in my whole life, keep it up. Indonesia is proud of you. You’re the Golden Girl of all time in Indonesian history.

  • Michael
    Michael 8 mesi fa

    Precision strikes! After Chintya's left liver snap kick, Danny was 70% done. Then, Chintya did a fast right hook, an upper cut precision hit in between chest plat and ab plus a punch in the nose. She aimed and hit these vitals within seconds. Danny is not without skills as can be seen that he blocked some attacks and one right kick with decent leg movements. Love how Chintya did a quick snap block at the beginning and stayed composed. The whole footage shown was 8 seconds, but it demonstrated Chintya's special training and talent.

  • Pizza Thehutt
    Pizza Thehutt 1 anno fa

    Great final thought. Keep up the great work my friend!

  • Dian Indra
    Dian Indra 8 mesi fa (modificato)

    Latihannya jg mantap bgtu. Jngn ditantang dah. Udh masuk stage profesional ini mah, wanita besi