Becky Lynch announces she’s pregnant: Raw, May 11, 2020 Scarica

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  • 11 mag 2020

  • The Man is becoming a mom. Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch reveals that she’s pregnant and that she requested that WWE make the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match for her title. #WWERAW GET YOUR 1st MONTH of WWE NETWORK for FREE: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow WWE on YouTube for more exciting action! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: Check out for news and updates: Watch WWE on Sony in India: Find the latest Superstar gear at WWEShop: --------------------------------------------- Check out our other channels! --------------------------------------------- The Bella Twins: UpUpDownDown: WWEMusic: Total Divas: ------------------------------------ WWE on Social Media ------------------------------------ Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Reddit: Giphy: ------------------------------------ WWE Podcasts ------------------------------------ After the Bell with Corey Graves: The New Day: Feel the Power:


  • TwistedViper215
    TwistedViper215 4 mesi fa

    Asuka trying to get a “BECKY!” chant going in an empty arena is exactly the kind of energy I needed this morning. 💞

  • Benjamin Marston
    Benjamin Marston 2 mesi fa

    2020 Becky: The "Man"

  • Nia Prude
    Nia Prude 3 mesi fa

    When she comes back they better not give her some kind of “yOuRE nOt tHe fAtHeR” storyline

  • Alen Ace
    Alen Ace 3 settimane fa

    Fun fact: Asuka didn’t know she was pregnant that was a real reaction.

  • Lou Cipher
    Lou Cipher 3 mesi fa

    this is the first time in WWE history that the champion relinquish the title with a good news

  • Tiel Master
    Tiel Master 4 mesi fa

    Wow she got Seth pregnant, then chose to carry his baby, like a seahorse.

    D3AD3YE_D3ADSH0T 3 mesi fa

    “You go and be a warrior, ‘cause I’m gonna go be a mother.”

  • Brandon Garcia
    Brandon Garcia 2 mesi fa

    Who else teared up when Becky Lynch said, “You go be a warrior, because I’m gonna go be a mother”?🥺🥺🥺

  • Danna Moreno
    Danna Moreno 2 mesi fa

    I can’t be the only one who loves auska’s energy.

  • MusicInMe754
    MusicInMe754 3 mesi fa

    I really wish she had a live audience for this....Congratulations, Becky!!

  • Drew McIntyre
    Drew McIntyre 4 mesi fa

    It'' s rare when two wrestlers are in the same ring and they both win

  • ZistrqWrld
    ZistrqWrld 2 mesi fa

    When Becky comes back it’s over for Sasha and bayley

  • GoofyGreen16 Gaming !

    I love how nobody cared about Nikki Bella’s pregnancy announcement in February but when becky announced her pregnancy everyone was literally crying 😂

  • peter olanipekun
    peter olanipekun 3 mesi fa

    Asuka’s reaction was so damn pure she could rob a bank and get away with that reaction

  • flyingrhoads
    flyingrhoads 2 mesi fa

    I love Asuka broke character for 2 seconds because she was legitimately happy. Then Kayfabe kicked back in lol

  • Tinheart Nowak
    Tinheart Nowak 4 mesi fa

    Becky in like 5 years "so kid wanna see daddy betraying uncle Roman and uncle Dean by viciously beating them with steel chair?"

  • Jimmy Bishop
    Jimmy Bishop 1 mese fa

    "You go be a warrior I'm going to go be a mother"

  • Kelechi Okwu
    Kelechi Okwu 3 mesi fa

    I was crying so bad. Be safe Becky we still have Corona Virus going around.

  • SniperGod 32X
    SniperGod 32X 2 mesi fa

    No matter how many times Asuka and Becky have fought over the years they will remain friends

    MAJ GIRLS 3 mesi fa

    The last part she said "I miss you guys"