Ariana Grande - you'll never know (swt live) Scarica

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  • 22 dic 2019



  • Mia Gizell
    Mia Gizell 10 mesi fa


  • tetixcherry
    tetixcherry 10 mesi fa

    so happy she added some of yours truly songs, this is why the tour is so special.

  • Madison Valk
    Madison Valk 10 mesi fa

    “Don’t be mad cause you’ve been replaced, know your place” oof

  • Bia rio
    Bia rio 10 mesi fa

    True Ari fans know this and know the lyrics!!!

  • pleasingspot
    pleasingspot 10 mesi fa

    crying bc i wanna go to her concert😭

  • lemonboiii ‘
    lemonboiii ‘ 10 mesi fa (modificato)

    the thing that I like about this tour is its sonically cohesive setlist. these throwback songs (especially yours truly tracks) were very appropriate for the tour—they added more color to the setlist. sweetener the tour is, indeed.

  • garylin94209
    garylin94209 10 mesi fa

    I'm on swt tour marathon who's with me? 17th Stop (checked✔️)

  • Natalie Munoz
    Natalie Munoz 10 mesi fa

    so underrated there’s barely any comments. song deserves more credit😤🥺

  • megan
    megan 10 mesi fa

    i loved this on the set list

  • Kennedy Grande
    Kennedy Grande 10 mesi fa

    This song deserves so much more credit

  • Aislin
    Aislin 10 mesi fa

    Honestly crying, listening to every song on the live album. I’m gonna miss waking up to tour vids everyday🖤

  • Miriam El-Zaher
    Miriam El-Zaher 10 mesi fa

    ok wait. i am not pretty sure, but i think this was in berlin n i was there. frick. omg 🖤🥴

  • do rira
    do rira 10 mesi fa

    Now you finally tell me how you feel

  • Lalisa Manoban
    Lalisa Manoban 10 mesi fa

    Underrated bop❤️

  • Elizabeth Morales
    Elizabeth Morales 10 mesi fa

    I love the transitions to right there, you’ll never know, byhrb

  • Kanksha
    Kanksha 10 mesi fa

    Who else knows this song by heart coz it's just too good?

  • michelle
    michelle 10 mesi fa

    i really miss this tour helppp

  • Stevie Hubbard
    Stevie Hubbard 10 mesi fa


  • avigail style
    avigail style 10 mesi fa


  • Ambreen B
    Ambreen B 10 mesi fa

    Wish this was longer 🥺