Ariana Grande - nasa (swt live) Scarica

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  • 22 dic 2019



  • A B
    A B 9 mesi fa (modificato)

    Arianators show your presence here

  • Grievous
    Grievous 9 mesi fa

    Don't know why people hated the Sweetener album

  • tetixcherry
    tetixcherry 9 mesi fa (modificato)

    only ariana grande could of made a NASA song.

  • It’s Jesus
    It’s Jesus 9 mesi fa


  • Gabriella Da Silva
    Gabriella Da Silva 8 mesi fa

    The way she sings “Beneficial”🖤🥺

  • lulita Pipo
    lulita Pipo 8 mesi fa

    Nasa Live>>>>> Nasa Studio Version

  • Renz Sarayba
    Renz Sarayba 9 mesi fa (modificato)

    the way she laughs

  • blimp
    blimp 8 mesi fa

    “new york”

  • Carlos Aguilar
    Carlos Aguilar 8 mesi fa


  • Julie '
    Julie ' 9 mesi fa

    5 people disliked this

  • Sarah Jamili.
    Sarah Jamili. 9 mesi fa

    you know imma STARRRRR gets me every time 🥺💙

  • Randomowy Typ
    Randomowy Typ 8 mesi fa

    Ariana is the queen

  • Andrew Lewis
    Andrew Lewis 9 mesi fa

    i love the note changes they make this song 10 times BETTER! ex: beneficial, you know i’m a star omg ✨🖤

  • butera bae
    butera bae 8 mesi fa


  • Queen Ari
    Queen Ari 3 mesi fa


  • Mark Ching Mosende
    Mark Ching Mosende 8 mesi fa

    When she said " New York!" She kinda sounds like Nonna 😳😂😂

  • It's me
    It's me 8 mesi fa


  • Renz Sarayba
    Renz Sarayba 9 mesi fa

    N.A.S.A is a truly bop

  • lukonawesome
    lukonawesome 8 mesi fa

    “Beneficial” the way she sings it is amazing

  • Bia rio
    Bia rio 8 mesi fa

    I literally feel like I'm in space with this song. Her vocals, her, the song and her.