Ariana Grande - my heart belongs to daddy (swt live) Scarica

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  • 22 dic 2019



  • Arxriia
    Arxriia 9 mesi fa

    This is honestly one of her most underrated interludes

  • Нурбике Оразбекова

    I think that jazz fits Ari more than pop

  • kenma
    kenma 9 mesi fa

    I love the part where she puts her eye on the camera

  • allie
    allie 9 mesi fa

    her best interlude

  • Venne Couwenberg
    Venne Couwenberg 9 mesi fa

    Imagine, Ariana had to change her outfit in 1 minute and 47 seconds

  • BrandxDraws
    BrandxDraws 9 mesi fa

    the reality is that this genre fits her voice SO WELL. even the concept, it’s just period

  • Riska Melda
    Riska Melda 9 mesi fa

    Lyrics my heart belong to Daddy

  • shuppypuppy17
    shuppypuppy17 9 mesi fa

    I will say this and say this till the day I die, the best genre for Ari is Jazz/Broadway periodtt

  • Kaylee Slater
    Kaylee Slater 8 mesi fa

    When someone is able to do acrobats with their voice, hit virtually any note, and sing any genre, it makes so much sense people will love some genres more than others! What I love is that Ari stays true to who she is and stands by pop, because that's what makes her happy. Maybe she'll drop an R&B album, maybe she'll drop an operatic album; whatever makes her so so happy. Because we all know damn well she can sing literally anything, and I am here for whatever she drops.

  • Indira Solis
    Indira Solis 9 mesi fa

    Ari could be an actress in one of those 1900s type shows with these types of songs

  • Yuhh_ ItsEmma
    Yuhh_ ItsEmma 9 mesi fa

    I really wanted to go to her tour but I’m really broke 😐

  • Martin monster
    Martin monster 9 mesi fa

    Who is thinking that arianas future music will be jazz like gaga did with tony benet

  • Hamz Ibrahim
    Hamz Ibrahim 9 mesi fa


  • v
    v 9 mesi fa

    This is so catchy, especially with ariana singing it.

  • zoe
    zoe 8 mesi fa

    ariana should do a whole jazz album

  • Basketball Starvation

    marilyn monroe

  • agbweekly
    agbweekly 5 mesi fa (modificato)

    Lyrics 3

  • fire tv1
    fire tv1 9 mesi fa

    Who’s before 1milion views?

  • glossy boca
    glossy boca 7 mesi fa

    I was a little embarrassed when this played at my show yk my dad was sitting next to me and my friend😂

  • englandportugal91
    englandportugal91 9 mesi fa (modificato)