Ariana Grande - in my head interlude (swt live) Scarica

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  • 22 dic 2019



  • Fernanda Ybarra
    Fernanda Ybarra 9 mesi fa

    in my head deserves better

  • Serena Marley
    Serena Marley 9 mesi fa

    One day I hope she sings this live it’s one of my favs off of thank u next

  • Anna Brusatori
    Anna Brusatori 9 mesi fa

    Let's appreciate ari's band, they are amazing

  • who's bryan
    who's bryan 9 mesi fa

    look at chu boi i invented you gucci tennis shoes runnin from ur issues

  • Najd Adeed
    Najd Adeed 9 mesi fa

    who else was hoping that this was gonna be her actually singing it...

  • gI6mour
    gI6mour 9 mesi fa

    she has the audacity to perform side to side and make this an interlude

  • Erin
    Erin 9 mesi fa

    we were ROBBED that she didn’t sing this live

  • Itzy Chaeryoung
    Itzy Chaeryoung 9 mesi fa

    my fave sooonnnggggg. where's all the In My Head stan?

  • Jen Klen
    Jen Klen 9 mesi fa

    Pete Davidson is quaking in his Gucci tennis shoes 😂

  • Pedro Scholl
    Pedro Scholl 9 mesi fa

    Justice for in my head

  • tetixcherry
    tetixcherry 9 mesi fa

    ever since ari described what the song meant i knew i would love it becuz i related to it sm! In my head deserved to be sung live tho :/

  • Skipper Mulenga
    Skipper Mulenga 9 mesi fa

    Why is in my head an interlude

  • jonathan
    jonathan 9 mesi fa

    i would’ve loved to see all the note changes she could’ve done if she sang this song live. but then again, to come up with visuals and potentially choreography for this type of song can and probably was hard so that may be the reason it’s only an interlude

  • Carlos Aguilar
    Carlos Aguilar 9 mesi fa


  • jirdalys
    jirdalys 9 mesi fa

    I need a live version of the whole song, it’s my fav off of the album🖤

  • agnes.aep
    agnes.aep 9 mesi fa


  • garylin94209
    garylin94209 9 mesi fa

    I'm on swt tour marathon who's with me? 24th Stop (checked✔️)

  • Randomowy Typ
    Randomowy Typ 9 mesi fa

    Ari is the best

  • C L
    C L 9 mesi fa

    I'm so sad that swt is over guys

  • evelin_ x
    evelin_ x 9 mesi fa (modificato)

    💫Here's the thing