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  • 3 mar 2020

  • 15 FUNNY MOMENTS IN SPORTS Sports is a topic that many people take very seriously people invest thousands of hours of their time and money into sports and dedicate their lives around it but there are also times where you can't help but laugh and remember that some hilarious moments can come from these games as well we’re counting 20 funny moments in sports In this first moment marcelo bielsa the marseille coach has a very awkward moment someone leaves their coffee on a water cooler and moments later marcelo accidentally sits on the cooler and the coffee goes everywhere leaving him even angrier This next moment is funny for all the wrong moments and if you laugh at this clip you’re going to hell this nigerian log jump athlete blessing okagbare performs her long jump but when she jump her wig falls off and actually impacted her jump This next female referee pretends to give a player a card in this football game but instead she wipes her brow and shows that referees have some personalities the players also laughed with her in this moment This next guy dunks this basketball net so hard rom this trampoline that he literally goes through the hoop and nearly breaks the whole apparatus, this is something that never happens but when it does it sends the crowd into hysterics Prince fielder a professional baseball player in the mlb quickly goes off the field to grab some mid game nachos from a fan in the nearby stand, this moment was captured on camera and made audiences at home laugh In this next moment manny pacquiao cant help but laugh in what should be a serious staredown moment before this fight showing that sometimes no matter how hard you try you can’t always be as serious as you should be In this next bizarre but hilarious moment jamie carragher and gary neville walk away from this woman after being asked this question but still answer the question into the microphone This next moment shows a woman with such excitement in her face that it makes the moment even funnier and more awkward and funny the woman is about to catch a baseball that comes flying her way but at last second a boy catches the ball instead Caroline wozniacki has had the misfortune in this clip that many women who play tennis face ..unfortunately for her this was during the most important game of her career, she gets her hair braids stuck in her racket which means she cant swing her racket or barely move This next moment shows how awkward stretchers can be in football there's many moments where the medics using the stretchers are incompitent and here's the best most awkward part of those moments This next ball boy accidentally runs into the wall while running back to his port and the impact is so loud even the player looks back at the ball boy Benatia the former juventus centre back was hilariously humiliated when this woman refuses to shake his hand for whatever reason i'm not sure why she refused to shake his hand but it made the whole thing pretty awkward This next replay in nba shows a very funny moment with this mop boy who dramatically and effectively runs out of the area of play, mop boys are put in these awkward moments a lot and this moment is hilarious This next moment is a bit cringey to watch vitaly is a youtube prankster who often streaks in sports events but recently his girlfriend and more recently his mother streaked a match but before she was able to get on the pitch she was apprehended Kemba walker nba hornets player accidentally celebrates a miss, hes so sure that he makes the shot that he turns dances and is ultimately embarassed all over live tv